Band Saw Insert Training

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Band Saw Insert Training is required for all users of the Powermatic_14_inch_Bandsaw in the Wood_Shop.

Training Outline

  • What can you do after this training?
    • You are authorized to use the saw. Making adjustments and changing blades requires additional training.

  • Where is the insert?

  • Why is the insert needed?

  • How do you check whether the insert is broken?
    • Lift with narrow-blade screwdriver in tab slot
    • Unplug saw or switch off at fuse box before reaching under saw

  • What should you do if the insert is broken?
    • Please contact the Wood Shop coordinators

  • What two factors can cause the insert to break?
    • Workpiece supported by the insert (total cutting force on insert)
    • Workpiece rolling into the blade (blade teeth dig in instead of shaving)

  • How do those two factors increase the chance of sawing off a finger?
    • Small workpiece puts fingers closer to blade
    • Rolling workpiece can pull finger into blade

  • What must you do to protect the insert and protect your fingers?
    • Workpiece must remain stable so teeth shave, not dig in
      • Human fingertips are not rigid, they are squishy
      • Support a small workpiece with a waste board larger than the insert
      • Clamp / hot-glue / double-sided-tape the workpiece rigidly onto the waste board
    • Use push block and push stick to keep fingers away from blade

  • Required student project: fixture and cut a workpiece smaller than the insert, using the push stick and push block


  • Dave Scholl
  • David Jewell
  • Roger Slykhouse

User Training Log

User Trained By Date Trained
David Jewell Dave Scholl 10-25-2016
James O'Dell Dave Scholl 10-25-2016
Cameron Geralds David Jewell 10-25-2016
Roger Slykhouse Dave Scholl 10-30-2016
Lew Dennison Dave Scholl 10-30-2016
Arthur Bledsoe Roger Slykhouse 10-30-2016
Leora Druckman Roger Slykhouse 10-30-2016
Gary Morin Dave Scholl 11-01-2016
Steve Nowicki Dave Scholl 11-01-2016
Kenn Goodrich Dave Scholl 11-01-2016
Clayton McCord Dave Scholl 11-01-2016
James Freed Dave Scholl 11-01-2016
Sam Walker Dave Scholl 11-01-2016
Jon Anderson Dave Scholl 11-01-2016
Richard Hillier Dave Scholl 11-01-2016
Brian Logsdon Dave Scholl 11-01-2016
Tom Nardone Dave Scholl 11-01-2016
Tony Slover Dave Scholl 11-15-2016
Tony Klein Dave Scholl 11-15-2016
Frank Arthmire Dave Scholl 11-15-2016
David Henry Dave Scholl 11-15-2016
Rich Points Dave Scholl 01-03-2017
Mike Fink Dave Scholl 01-03-2017
Augie Englehart Dave Scholl 01-03-2017
Kevin Flory Dave Scholl 01-03-2017
Mark Payne Jr. Dave Scholl 01-31-2017
Michael Williams Dave Scholl 01-31-2017
Mark Furland Dave Scholl 01-31-2017
Nathan Schleicher Roger Slykhouse 02-27-2017
Will Hinchman Dave Scholl 02-28-2017
Patrick Irish Dave Scholl 03-21-2017
Bravin Neff Roger Slykhouse 04-27-2017
Jake Gedrimas Roger Slykhouse 05-14-2017
Charlie Rysenga Roger Slykhouse 05-14-2017
Evan Parizot Roger Slykhouse 05-14-2017
Sasha Brandt Roger Slykhouse 06-21-2017
Sam Letvin Roger Slykhouse 07-09-2017
Adam Schrader Dave Scholl 08-05-2017
Walker Archer Dave Scholl 08-05-2017
Thomas Tufts Dave Scholl 08-05-2017
Jeff Sebring Dave Scholl 11-21-2017
Bryan Boyer Dave Scholl 12-19-2017
Mike Schweyen Dave Scholl 05-15-2018
Cyrille Goldstein Dave Scholl 05-15-2018
Marty Peltz Dave Scholl 08-07-2018
Brian Maynard Dave Scholl 01-02-2019
Matt Burlison Dave Scholl 04-02-2019
Avery Sturzl Thomas Tusano 04-29-2019