3D Printer - Formlabs Form2 PerfectWhale

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3D Printer - Formlabs Form2 PerfectWhale
20190427 112543.jpg
Name Perfect Whale
Zone Fab Lab

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model FormLabs Form 2
Part Number
Date Acquired 05/30/22
Storage Location North bench
Authorization Required Yes
Status Departed
Value $750

Hostname PerfectWhale
Power Requirements 120VAC
Documentation https://support.formlabs.com/s/topic/0TO1Y000000IvrUWAS/form-2?language=en_US
Other References



  • Join #fablab on Slack. When in doubt ask the question here.
  • Budget 30 - 60 minutes of time to get a print setup, uploaded, and started.
  • Budget 60 - 90 minutes of time to finish up a print, clean up, and put things away.
  • Set your formlabs login to notify you when your print starts and completes. https://formlabs.com/dashboard/#settings/notifications
  • Write down your name and start time on the DRY ERASE plaque on the printer. Mark it "DND" if you do not want others to handle your print. (Example: fragile things or items too big for the isopropyl bath.)
  • If the printer is in use when you want to print. Upload your file to it and message the member currently printing to start your file when they are done.
  • If the printer has a completed model still on the print bed and you want to print. Unless it's marked "DND", go ahead and carefully remove their print and place it in the isopropyl baths for 20 minutes total. Do not leave it in the baths. Then place it in the UV oven and set the timer for 1 hour.
  • Check the Tank Heatmap for the best place to put your model on the print bed.
  • Usable print area is 145 × 145 × 175 mm.


Requires training and authorization.


Read all documentation from Formlabs before using; their docs are thorough, easy to follow, and exhaustive, so i3Detroit will not be making a habit of trying to document ourselves.

Maintenance Info

Keep resin cartridge and resin trays together, printer won't work if wrong tray is inserted with wrong cartridge (EEPROM)



  • Actually install printer in space.

Authorized Users and Trainers

Trainer Name Certified Date
Paul Frick 04/23/19
Amelia Meyer 04/23/19
Jacob Harbin 07/08/19
Julien Cohen 07/08/19
Erica Zador 07/08/19
Becky Sagen 07/08/19
Jose Varela 07/08/19
User Name Authorized By Date of Most Recent Training
Amelia Meyer Paul Frick 04/23/19
Paul Frick Owner 04/23/19
Derek Kuschel Paul Frick 6/12/19
Jacob Harbin Amelia Meyer 07/08/19
Julien Cohen Amelia Meyer 07/08/19
Erica Zador Amelia Meyer 07/08/19
Becky Sagen Amelia Meyer 07/08/19
Jose Varela Amelia Meyer 07/08/19
Brandon Willwerth Julien Cohen 08/14/19
Matt Carpenter Paul Frick 9/17/19
Matt Switlik Paul Frick 11/14/19
Alec Beardsley Paul Frick 12/05/19
Anthony Iamurri Paul Frick 04/15/21
Norman Witte III Paul Frick 11/14/21
Drew Jackson Paul Frick 1/29/22
Ben Wilk Paul Frick 2022.04.09

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