Wood Shop Maintenance Log

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Maintenance log for any machine alignments, parts replacements, repairs, etc. Maintenance log prior to this date are in hard copy located in file drawer in wood shop. This excludes normal maintenance such as cleaning, emptying dust bins, etc.

Date Equipment Maintenance Action Performed by
9/1/20 Band Saw Purchased 2 new blades, installed blade, aligned guides Clayson
9/7/20 Panel Saw Aligned to true to square Clayson
9/8/20 Table saw Replaced brake and installed new blade after saw trip Clayson
9/23/20 Panel Saw Replaced blade GSmith
9/23/20 Router Table Replaced Plug Clayson
10/13/20 Drum Sander Replaced panel style 120v receptacle Clayson
11/4/20 Sawstop Adjust blade stop to 45 degree Clayson
02/11/21 Sawstop Replaced brake and installed new blade after saw trip. Clayson
02/20/21 Fixed router table Replaced table and router. Clayson
07/11/21 Bandsaw Replaced/repaired tensioning screw. Clayson
09/15/21 Bandsaw Replaced broken bushing rod and replaced all guide bearings. Clayson
09/20/21 Drum Sander Repaired belt clamps and feed rollers. Clayson
08/8/22 Dust Collector Emptied HEPA filter bin and cleaned HEPA filter Clayson
08/24/22 Saw Stop Replaced elevation worm gear assembly and lubed gears and trunnions Clayson
11/17/22 Drum Sander Replace broken sandpaper clamp Clayson
3/17/23 Saw Stop Saw tripped, replaced safety cartridge Clayson
11/12/23 Laguna dust collector Removed and cleaned filter. Adjusted internal thermal fuse to 38amp Clayson, DSmith, Cunningham, LaRocca
02/09/24 Jet Planer Cleaned and moved planer blades 1/4 turn clockwise for new edges Clayson
2/28/24 Laguna dust collector Cleaned ductwork. Disassembled cyclone and inspected impeller blades. Measured amperage. Clayson, DSmith, LaRocca