Vinyl Inventory 2015

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This page is included for historical purposes only (including potential reorders). It's pulled from Evan Allen (Abzman)'s 11 March 2015 edit to the Vinyl Shop category.

Original Content

code decoder:


A = series/type (FDC code)

B = width, in inches

C = 15-50yd 03-10yd

D = Color

Vinyl Inventory List
Date Verified Item Number Color / Type Yards
Unverified WP56066 Sunshine Yellow 50
Unverified WP56059 Yellow 50
Unverified WP56073 Sapphire Blue 50
Unverified J06155244 Blue 20
Unverified L05225285 Blue 40
Unverified 4775-1503-076 magenta (Pink) 6-year 20 (2 rolls)
Unverified K05085146 Brown 04
Unverified 4250-1515-002 White 5-year 50
Unverified 5025 Teal 15
Unverified J08115216 Orange 30
Unverified L02115302 Black 20
Unverified N11090192 Black 6-year 50
Unverified K10275082 Red 20
Unverified k04125352 Silver 40
Unverified 4800-1515-12 Burgundy 4-year 50
Unverified 4800-1515-074 Purple 4-year 40
Unverified L09015196 Green 50
Special Vinyl Inventory List (Please see warden)
Item Number Color / Type Yards
Unverified 2301-2403-004 Gold 24 inch 8-year 10
Unverified 3551-1503-009 Fluorescent Orange 10
Unverified M02205194 Red Translucent 7-year 10
Unverified 1253-1515-000 Clear Printable Cling 50

Heat Transfer Vinyl available in various colors and styles (gold, silver, blue, white, red, black, pink, etc...).