Version Two of Bicycle Bumpy-road Mapping

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Starting work on version 2 of the mapping system... so far:


The components are:

  • a portable power supply - currently a Jackery rechargeable phone battery, 5V, rated at 12Ah (limited, I believe, to 1.2A)
  • Raspberry PI Zero W
  • MPU6050 - an Accelerometer/Gyroscope combination with a Motion Processing Unit (although, at this time, I am only used the raw data)
  • BN108GPS - providing an data stream of GPS information



I envision a platform that is more compact, centered on holder for the battery, which I have designed as a assemblage of 3D Printable parts: see the model in Thinkiverse

Here is a prototype of how package would be configured: the upper horizontal platform for the GPS antenna, and the vertical spaces for mounting the processor and accelerometer.