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Real Name Avery Sturzl
Slack Handle Sturzl
Callsign KC1AEC

Authorized to use:

Sandy McDrumDrum
Powermatic 14 inch Bandsaw
SawStop Table Saw

Certified Trainer on: None


Hi, if you see me tell me about your favorite books!

I'm a software engineer who has spent a ton of time building robots. Most of my spare time goes to cooking, playing music and making projects. I like having awesome Halloween and renfest costumes, road trips, teaching/learning, and potlucks. If I'm 3 hours into a conversation and its 2 am I'm usually talking about ethics and policy applied to some kind of technology.


  • Lunar mining robots
  • Other autonomous robots, and autonomous cars
  • 6 page fairy tale book on 4'x 8' plywood pages
  • Some DIY Instruments
  • Machine learning disease diagnosis
  • Weather balloon payloads


  • Java, python, verilog, C++
  • Arduino-esque things, the electro-mechanical side of robots
  • Some electronics and circuits, especially sensors
  • Basic wood and metal working
  • Basic CAD
  • Tuba, baritone
  • Cooking things

What I want to learn/work on with you

  • Machining
  • Making costumes and clothes
  • Circuits and electronics
  • Fun things

Other Activities/Interests

  • Tuba, baritone
  • XC Skiing
  • Photography
  • Cooking and making flavored liquers
  • Road trips