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Tread on them.jpg
Real Name Pete Trzos
E-mail Address
Slack Handle Ptrzos

Authorized to use: None
Certified Trainer on: None

Projects Pete wants to work on:
1. Cool LED display to mount all over his pontoon boat
2. Strandbeests
3. Essential oil extractor
4. Moving body parts in a suitcase for Halloween
5. Building a DIY foundry
6. DIY wire bending machine for mechatronic skeletons
7. DIY wire stripper
8. A Pulsejet engine powered sled to rip across Cass Lake on

Pete is very knowledgeable at:
Hydroponics/gardening in general
Medicine + Biological Sciences
Politics and Political Strategy
Martial Arts
Bodybuilding + Fitness

Pete is learning about:
Arduino Programming
Classical Mechanics
Electrical Stuff
A million other things!