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Real Name Paul Reece
E-mail Address
Callsign KE8MUJ
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Authorized to use: None
Certified Trainer on: None

Day Job

Involves the free and open source software world. Have been a Linux sysadmin for 10+ years, working in the managed hosting world, where I need to learn new skills daily as we onboard new clients who use new technologies.

Primary focus in Linux, FreeBSD, OpenStack, Ceph, Apache, nginx/OpenResty, MySQL & PostgreSQL DBA, Elasticsearch, Apache Solr, Python, PHP, Ansible, Salt, Puppet, Jenkins, etc.

These days I'm mostly focused around being a storage engineer for multi-petabyte storage clusters, software defined networking, building out clouds, and being an occasional mostly-qualified DBA.

Anything else in the FOSS world, good chance I've used it at least in passing.

Have a strong passion for network engineering, with a strong focus in cloud technologies (OpenFlow, Openvswitch, iBGP, VXLANs/Geneve, VRFs and namespaces, etc) and programming/automation for networks, mostly using Python and PostgreSQL.

Basic programming skills (I know what design patterns are, at least, how to write a unit test, and prevent SQL injection), most proficient in Python and PHP.


Working with small circuits (Arduino), home automation, and so on.

Spent a summer or two once doing handiwork on electrical, carpentry (mostly rough, some finished), plumbing, painting, drywall, etc. Far from an expert on any of them, but not a novice either. Have lots of tools and can use them.

Can cook fairly well, years of experience in fast food and limited experience in commercial kitchens. Have a long-expired ServSafe somewhere.

Can brew beer, make wine, mead, etc, pretty well but rarely find the time these days.

Decent with gardening and horticulture

Licensed radio amateur (KE8MUJ), mostly mess with computers over RF but have a DMR HT and a C4FM mobile in my car, play around a lot with APRS and love scanning the airwaves with a RTL-SDR

Can juggle for up to 15 seconds. Then everything falls down.

Occasional burner / Lakes of Fire participant

Things I don't know, but would love to learn more about

  • Sewing
  • Welding/metalworking
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Fire safety
  • Mycology
  • Beekeeping
  • Golang
  • How to use GitHub better
  • Electric circuits
  • Basically anything, just the above come to mind as high priority