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Real Name Martin Peltz
E-mail Address
Slack Handle mpeltz

Authorized to use: None
Certified Trainer on: None

About Me

I have always been a hands on learner and through it I find enjoyment and fulfillment. I'm a recent Computer Engineering graduate from Western Michigan University and I'm now living in the Detroit area. I lived here before for 20 months while being a Co-op at a local company, during that time I worked with the Laser Cutters and CNC equipment at Techshop Detroit. It was an exhilarating experience to explore my architectural artistry. Now that I'm a permanent employee here I take a much stronger interest in i3Detroit for the equipment and especially the community. I'm a pretty chill guy and I love talking tech or learning new things, I'm always open to new ideas or to think up a new project!


  • Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard (Astra Militarum) Army: Paint and build
  • 2 Tables with legs made with a CNC machine
  • Various Electronic Projects (Embedded Systems)
  • Laser Cutting projects and Ideas
  • CNC project and Ideas


  • Embedded Systems
  • Microcontroller Programming
  • 2 dimensional design and CAD
  • Laser cutting
  • Woodworking
  • CNC
  • Circuit design and testing
  • Having too many projects rolling around in my head...

What I want to learn/work on with you

  • CAD usage with laser cutters and making instructions
  • Higher Level programming
  • Anything really...

Other Activities/Interests

  • Miniature Games
  • Board Games
  • Video Games
  • BBQ Smoking