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Clayton McCord

Some ideas I'd like to work on.

  1. Modify dash mount for my GSIII to allow it to fit the phone with the extended battery and cover.
  2. Get wireless USB headphones working with my kids multiseat Linux computer.
  3. Ottoman that unfolds to reveal an automotive bucket seat from a fold flat minivan middle row and a steering wheel and pedals for use as a driving controller for X-Box/PS/Computer
  4. 1994 S10 conversion from gas to electric
  5. Table with projector underneath to project roleplaying map that can be controlled sort of like the MS surface table. Use Wiimote or some other camera to see things placed on table.
  6. Finish MAME cabinet that I started in 1999. Things that need to be done to it.
    • Design, print, cut out, and mount side art and marquee
    • Update hardware and replace Windows XP with Linux
    • Build second swappable controller panel. Currently using Centronix 50 pin connectors to connect panel and cabinet.
  7. Build virtual pinball macine using large lcd tv for table and smaller lcd for scoreboard.
    • Links to some hardware that would be useful[1]
  8. Quad/Hex/Octo-copter
  9. Dog walking attachment for my recumbent bike similar to the one found at
  10. Fairing for my recumbent bike
  11. Trail-a-bike mount to attach the kids Weehoo recumbent to my Linear recumbent via the Burley Mooserack

Skills I may possess

  • Basic Carpentry. I have built a MAME arcade cabinet, a large bird enclosure for doves (6ft high x 8ft wide x 2.5ft deep with storage cabinets underneath), and a decorative fence 10ft high x 16ft long with a pergola type top on it.
  • Computer Hardware. I have built computers since 1995. Not from component level, I have put purchased parts in a case. :)
  • Google-fu. I have been told by friends and family that I am very good at finding things on the internet.
  • Computer Software. I am a Linux user and have not had much contact with any Microsoft products since 2006. I can do basic HTML and PHP editing. I also have experience with CSS. My CMS of choice is CMS Made Simple
  • Electronics. I was an aviation electrician in the US Navy. But since that was almost 20 years ago and I have not used the skills much I feel that I have forgotten much of what I learned.
  • Home Construction/Remodeling. I designed the floor plan and did about 40% of the work remodeling the upper floor in our house. This involved adding a bathroom and bedroom in the old attic space as well as completely removing and replacing the existing bedroom floor, walls and ceiling.
  • Gardening. We have a raised bed garden that has about 830 sqft of garden beds that I built.


  • I have a recumbent bicycle that I enjoy riding
  • Computer entertainment is also something that I enjoy. I have a DVR that I built using Mythtv as well as the above mentioned MAME arcade cabinet
  • I have been involved with tabletop role playing since 1986 and have played countless systems. Currently playing in 2 different Pathfinder games
  • I love building things and always have multiple projects going. I'm glad to have found a space where I can do even more ambitious things.