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Real Name Les Orchard
E-mail Address
Slack Handle lmorchard
IRC Handle lmorchard
Facebook lmorchard
Twitter lmorchard
Flickr deusx
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Authorized to use:

SawStop Table Saw

Certified Trainer on: None

About me

{web,mad,computer} scientist; {tech,scifi} writer; home{brew,roast}er; mozillian

By day, I'm a senior web developer for the Mozilla Corporation, occasionally working on Firefox but mostly working on sites & services surrounding it.

By night, I'm a web developer, too - but also looking to get into general handy tinkering with electronics, wood working, microcontrollers, and whatever else I can learn.


  • TBD


What I want to learn

  • Physical making skills
    • Basic woodworking
    • 3D printing
    • Laser cutting
    • Other forms of fabrication


  • Misc
    • Beer homebrewing
    • Coffee homeroasting
    • Writing, editing
    • Unix, OS X, Windows tinkering
    • Git, GitHub, Mercurial, Bitbucket, SVN, CVS
    • Mozilla Firefox development
    • Firefox & Chrome addon development
    • Raspberry PI tinkerings
    • Microcontroller shenanigans (Arduino, Teensy)
  • Web development
    • HTML5 - markup, DOM, video, audio, storage, offline, mobile, etc.
    • JS - Vanilla, jQuery, React, Ampersand, Backbone, Ember (some), Angular (some)
    • CSS - Vanilla, Stylus, SASS, Bootstrap
    • HTTP & REST - hosting, servers, APIs, caching, performance optimization
  • Programming
    • JavaScript (in browsers and in node.js)
    • Python
    • Perl
    • PHP
    • Java (some)
    • C / C++ (some)


I've written & contributed to some books. They're mostly outdated. Someone might find them useful:

I have extra copies of most of those, so ask to borrow one if anything actually looks interesting :) I mainly mention them as the kinds of things I've historically hacked on.