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Real Name Kevin Celestia (Kebbles)
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Slack Handle n/a

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About Me

I'm a musician who likes to make new instruments/controllers with microcontrollers in pretty lasercut enclosures.


Degrees in Performing Arts Technology (BFA) and Media Arts (MA), thankfully got out of academia before it was too late. Been playing music for 20+ years. Am originally from East Lansing, MI. Went to college in Ann Arbor. Moved to Ferndale in June 2019.


Music, microcontrollers, lasercutting, injection molding, LED art, plants, vintage camo, social justice, expanding the "library of things" movement

Current Projects

Microcontroller instruments, variations on LED "polar" clocks, military chic fashion, computer-generated/human-guided funk/electro/techno


String Accordion V1 (current version: V3) [1]

The Gurdulcimator [2]

Clapping Music w/ Audio-Reactive Visual [3]