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Real Name Katlyn Mehne
E-mail Address
Slack Handle FawnKat
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Authorized to use:

Hegner M22-V Scroll Saw
Sandy McDrumDrum
Powermatic 14 inch Bandsaw
SawStop Table Saw

Certified Trainer on:

Sandy McDrumDrum
Powermatic 14 inch Bandsaw
SawStop Table Saw

Hi, I'm new so I'll finish the page eventually :)

About Me

I have formal education as a biomedical engineer, chemical engineer and chemist from Wayne State University and Michigan Technological University. All three field hold a great deal of interest to me. Currently, I"m job hunting after completing my Master's in BME.

My Crafts

I'm a jack of many trades. I sew and crochet, hopefully creating new patterns and outfits. I work with wood, mostly woodshop furniture right now, but I"m moving towards the more pretty stuff. I haven't done any welding outside of work, but I"m looking forward to doing more and for pesonal projects this time! I've some background in jewelry, mostly beadwork. My 3D printing and CNC work has been mostly in my career, but I'm curious in moving that skill into my private projects as well! I'm mostly curious and creative, but with a heavy dash of shy thrown in.


I have some crochet experience, but mostly I sew clothes. I like making a pattern out of existing piece and then altering it and remaking it. I'm currently working on a pair of shorts and semi-formal blouse


I mostly do household needs in the wood shop. I've completed 4' by 8' shelves with interchangeable shelf bottoms for my basement. I"m in the middle of a bathroom vanity and kitchen pantry.


I learned to weld the basics at an engineering position before. I've not started my first project here.