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[[Image:Jonathonfm.png|175px| ]]
Real Name Jonathon Markowski
E-mail Address
Slack Handle @jonathonfm

Authorized to use: None
Certified Trainer on: None

Hi there! I'm Jonathon, and I'm a designer, maker and researcher who moved to Detroit in 2020. My training is in industrial and transportation design, and my interests are woodworking, clay modeling and rapid prototyping. I like 3D printing jewellery and decorative shot glasses, building scale models of cars and other things that go, and occasionally making models of flowers in all of the above.

I'm Canadian (it'll come up in conversation, don't worry, I love all things that move (but mostly cars, trains and buses), and I've always been a part of volunteer-run makerspaces wherever I've lived (mostly Toronto and Los Angeles), so I'm pretty stoked.