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Real Name Greg Good
E-mail Address See CRM listingURIs of the form "See CRM listing" are not allowed.
Slack Handle ggoodro
Facebook greg.good
Twitter ggoodro

Authorized to use:

Car uppy go downy
Husqvarna Designer SE
Husqvarna Designer SE
SawStop Table Saw

Certified Trainer on:

Husqvarna Designer SE
Embroidery Machine - Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond


  • Professional Photography (see a small portion of my work here:
    • Canon Pro Equipment and Lenses
    • Alien Bees Studio Lighting and Battery System
    • Other various related equipment such as radio triggers, stands, softboxes, etc.
  • Video
  • Musician (hear some samples of my work here:
    • Keyboards/Synthesizers (bought my first synth at about age 14)
    • Electric Bass
    • Violin, played years ago, but want to get back into it...have a maker project in mind here...stay tuned
    • Guitar (a little bit)
  • Audio Production
    • Mixing, recording, etc.
  • Graphics/Printing/Design
    • Have been doing this forever, my college degree is actually in Printing Management
    • Back in the day knew how to run Heidelberg KORD and Windmill printing presses
  • Software Expertise (know enough to teach others)
    • Photoshop (30 or so years of experience)
    • Lightroom
    • Davinci Resolve
    • Fusion 360
    • Reaper Digital Audio Workstation
    • Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code
    • yWorks yEd (diagramming)
    • Excel, Word, Visio, etc. Microsoft suite...
  • Software I've done some projects in, started to learn or tinker with from time-to-time...
    • NewTek Lightwave 3D
    • Eagle CAD
    • Unity 3D
  • Programming/Databases/Frameworks
    • SQL Server
    • C#
    • Javascript/HTML/CSS
    • Bootstrap
    • ASP.NET
    • Angular
    • Typescript
    • Many others...
  • Woodworking
    • My wife's a licensed residential builder for over 25 years...have done a lot on her projects
      • Finished trim work, crown molding, hang doors for entire homes
      • Built entire kitchen of oak cabinets from scratch

Maker-related Interests & Projects

Will list more details in coming days...