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Spring 2018 Interview Head Shot.png
Real Name Grayson Browne
E-mail Address
Slack Handle Grayson

Authorized to use: None
Certified Trainer on: None

What I do for work

I work as a motorsports simulation engineer using mostly MATLAB and Python from day to day. While I enjoy my job, the work I do is mostly data science which does not quite scratch the maker itch.

Maker experience

I spent a majority of my mechanical engineering undergrad designing and building racecars in our Formula SAE club, Hornet Racing. There I got familiar with CAD/CAM/FEA typically with Solidworks or Ansys. I also worked in the campus machine shop where I taught close to 200 people the basics of manufacturing using a manual mill, lathe, and MIG welder. Many late nights were spent making large piles of chips on our CNC mill.

Zones of interest

  • Machine Shop
  • CNC
  • Welding
  • Electronics Lab
  • Wood Shop
  • Fab Lab

Equipment at home

  • Resin 3D printer
  • Vinyl cutter
  • Miniature lathe
  • Small vertical band saw