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Real Name Ethan Piliavin
E-mail Address [ CRM]URIs of the form "CRM" are not allowed.
Slack Handle ethanpil
Callsign "not quite yet" "not quite yet"
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Certified Trainer on: None

About Me

I'm a transplant from sunny, warm California, but I'm starting to appreciate Detroit for the awesomeness that it is. If you know of any cool spots, let me know. Some of my favorite places in the D (metro area):

  • John K. King Books
  • Microcenter
  • Batch Brewing Company
  • i3Detroit :)
  • Henry Form Museum

What am I missing? I loooove to talk so please feel free and chat. I don't know anything though...


I make my living as a programmer, mostly in web based technologies such as PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. My job description also includes some linux server administration and web hosting.

Most of my work projects involve custom PHP applications and integrations, with some WordPress and/or PhoneGap/Cordova thrown in the mix.


  • Adventuring / Traveling
  • Tinkering / Hacking / Creating / Breaking / Fixing
  • Sci-Fi Books (Ok... all books and bookstores)
  • Quality Films

My i3 Detroit Goals

  • Meet some like minded geeks who love to build, tinker and share.
  • Get access to and learn how to use tools I have never heard of.

Projects / Bucket List

  • Get a callsign
  • Walking mini robots
  • Wall clocks with custom made movements
  • Make something useful with Arduino
  • 3D print something I didn't design yet
  • Laser cut some doodads i didn't think of yet
  • Woodshop some wood that hasnt been chopped yet
  • Machine some metal into a transformer
  • Make a time machine