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Real Name Drew Jackson
IRC Handle drew

Authorized to use:

Melodic Tapir
Perfect Whale
CNC Router
Husqvarna Designer SE
Fabric Cutting Table and Giant Mat 4x8'

Certified Trainer on:

CNC Router

Introduction / Bio

Hi! I'm Drew, I'm a mechanical engineer that really likes software development, data, and sailing.

Professional background:

  • Mechanical Engineer by degree
  • Short stint as a data analyst intern
  • Currently a project engineer in the automotive industry

Hobby background:

  • 3D Printing
    • Monoprice Mini Select
    • Monoprice Maker Select (still tuning in)
  • Programming languages:
    • Python
    • Java
    • SQL
    • Javascript
    • HTML, CSS
    • VB
    • C/C++
  • Various electronics projects
  • Home automation (Home Assistant)
  • Woodworking


Precious Plastics

I'm highly motivated to start a Detroit area Precious Plastic workspace. The first step to do that is to build the machines.

Companionway Door/Sliding Hatch

I own a 1970 Hinterhoeller 25 that I sail out of St. Clair Shores. I'm planning on replacing all of the wood on the boat, starting with the companionway door and sliding hatch.

I have a large amount of rough-sawn cherry wood that I'm planning on using for this project.

Road Quality App

Inspired by EMPUG's Road Quality Project, I created an Android app that stores accelerometer "bumps" and GPS locations in a SQLite database, and then interpolates the GPS data to determine the exact location of the bump. this data can then be plotted on a map.

Road Quality Heatmap


  • Currently the app looks at all vectors of acceleration, so even turns, starts, and stops appear in the data. Threshold needs to only examine the acceleration with respect to gravity.
  • Add single trips to a database and be able to view each trip.
  • Make this a background task that starts automatically on car bluetooth connection.