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Real Name John Coggeshall
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Slack Handle coogle
IRC Handle coogle
Facebook ThisSmartHouse
Twitter YourSmartHouse
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Hello, World.

Hey I'm John - Programmer, Geek and Maker. I run the This Smart House blog in my free time, hack on Arduinos/ESP8266s, and have two aquaponics gardens in my home.

Professionally I'm a PHP Core Developer and have been writing PHP and C code for an uncomfortably long time. I currently balance my time between Freelancing and my StartUp TestNotice.

My Projects (completed)

  • My aquaponics setup in my basement (I also have one outside)
  • Hacking various off-the-shelf devices to do my bidding
  • 3D Printing with my two ANet A8 highly modified 3D printers
  • A photo booth built with a Raspberry Pi, a photo printer, some custom Python and a nice laser-cut case
  • Building various smart IoT devices such as
    • BBQ Temp sensor
    • Water temp sensors
    • Smart Relays (hard wired and pluggable)
    • Smart Fish Tanks
    • Smart Fish food dispensers
    • Smart Aquarium dosing systems
  • Running my entire house using HomeAssistant MQTT and Alexa

My Projects (ongoing and certainly incomplete)

  • Converting my two 120 gallon tanks (one freshwater, one saltwater) to natural gas heating via titanium heat exchangers to save dollars vs. electric heat
  • A tabletop automatic water changing system for saltwater fish tanks
  • An artsy giant waterfall / pet water dish with automatic topoff so the pets don't run out of water

My Software Projects

  • PHP ext/tidy (
  • CoogleIOT (a ESP8266 firmware base library for quickly building decent IoT devices)
  • xymodem (an implementation of the X/YModem protocol I was contracted to write for a client that works with the ESP8266)
  • coogle-switch (A smart switch library for the ESP8266 based on CoogleIOT)
  • coogle-pond (control system for my outdoor pond)
  • coogle-feeder (stepper driven fish feeder via MQTT)
  • coogle-doser (peristaltic pump aquarium nutrient doser via MQTT)

Tech I toy with

  • Everything Web Development (except graphics, I'm not a web designer)
  • MCUs (Arudino, ESP8266 primarily)
  • Raspberry Pi
  • PHP / C / C++ / JavaScript / HTML / CSS / SQL