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Treasury and Budget Report for January, 2016

Financial Grade: A-

  • Emergency: $10K Checking : $5.1K
  • Classroom 60% paid. (2015&16)
  • 90 Subscriptions 12 annuals - Goal 100 total
  • Higher than Normal dues, slightly below normal donations.
  • On Feb 1, 134 paying members, 50 Hiatus, 6 Scholarship
  • We had an error in late Jan. I hit the wrong button and moved a large sum from Checking into Paypal without realizing it, and before I discovered and corrected the error (xfers to/from Paypal take 3 days to register) a single check had bounced. It was to Brandon Biller and I have been in contact with him and he is redepositing the check. It was a one time pilot error.
  • Because of traditional high spending in Dec and Jan, we are a bit lean on cash although still fine financially. I expect Feb and March to bring us back to a little more liquidity.