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Torqcut CNC
Name Bridgeport Discovery Torq-Cut 22
Zone CNC Shop

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model Bridgeport Discovery
Part Number Torq-Cut 22
Date Acquired
Storage Location In the center of the shop - it's the huge gray thing.
Authorization Required No
Status Departed

Other References Travels - 22" x 16" x 20"

Spindle Motor - 7.5 HP

Spindle RPM - 7500 RPM

Spindle Taper - 40

Machine Weight Approx 6500 Lbs.


A vertical CNC machining center with 22" travel.It was owned by multiple members before being bought out by i3, and subsequently sold from the space.


Must be on the list of operators to actually run the machine, but anyone can request a part to be cut.


Maintenance Info

Maintenance is performed by the operators Maintenance Procedures for Operators



  Q. What types of files does the CNC support?
  A. The CNC itself only takes G-Code in a generic text file with an extension of ".txt".

  Q. How do I generate g-code for the CNC?
  A. There are a couple of different ways.
      1. Create a text file with the appropriate G & M Codes.  
         There is a program reference guide on the shelves back by the machine.
      2. Use a wizard to create the g-code for you.
         There are a couple of g-code generators listed in the useful links on the main page for the CNC Shop.
      3. Use CAM software to create g-code from a 3D model. 
         MasterCAM is available on the Design Workstation in the CNC area.
  Q. What tips would you give in designing a part?
  A. Design your part with the knowledge that you will need to hold in some fashion while it is being cut.  Without proper hold downs it will be very hard to cut you part accurately.


  1. A pricing structure needs to be established. This is to cover consumables used in making parts for members.
  2. Need to order a spare replacement Hella bulb so we have an extra on-hand. Oder info for: HELLA H83135211 24V 70W H3 bulb.

Torqcut CNC Zone: CNC Shop "/>


Operator Name Trained By
Brian Wennberg Owner
John Anderson Owner
James Kemp Owner
Paul Kerchen Brian W.
Allen Majorovic Brian W.