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In our Member Mailing list each month we have a Thank You thread. To restate the purpose of these threads, it is simple, i3Detroit is open 24/7 but people aren't. So a lot of time things get magically fixed when others are away. They just see that the Tooth Fairy came in and cleaned the Bathroom, or fixed the air hosing, or took the cans back for deposit. The people that know who did the deed take 2 seconds and type a thank you in the Thank You thread for that month so that the others can reinforce the Thank You when they see the person who did the good deed. More reinforcement means more people doing more good deeds and the space gets better and better for everyone.

In that vein, the Thank You Table aggregates the people who did those good deeds each month to make our space a nicer place.

Members August 2015 September 2015
Andrew M x x
Brian M x
Dan S x
David S x
Evan A x x
Greg S x
James O x
Jamie B x
Jeffrey M x
Jim K x
Jody R x
Justin T x x
Leora D x
Lucas d x
Matt G x x
Matt H x
Nate B x
Nathan W x
Nico R x
Terry W x x
Thad J x
Tom K x
Vivian S x