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I was the one who put the POLICY tag on FAQ.

Maybe this is a little problem. The POLICY tag states 2 things. 1) Sort of Locked. 2) States rules.

The FAQ is an example of 2) but not 1). It states rules. It shouldn't CREATE rules, but it actually does, because our bucket of rules is not a superset of rules. By describing policy in pages which are not POLICY pages, we actually CREATE POLICY when those descriptions dont match the rules bucket, whether that is because people create rules without voting on them, or misstate a created rule, or get obsoleted with a rule change.

I am open to ideas, but there is original policy on the FAQ page. I know because I put it there. This is sort of a piece of the rules issue.

BTW as best as I can tell the wiki is looking much cleaner from a rules POV, or maybe I am just forgetting everything that initially confused me.