TIG Welder - Miller Dynasty 200

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TIG Welder - Miller Dynasty 200
Dynasty 200.jpg
Name Miller Dynasty 200
Zone Welding Area

Owner Jim Kemp
Make Model Miller Dynasty 200
Part Number Dynasty 200
Date Acquired
Storage Location Welding zone, against the wall.
Authorization Required Yes
Status Departed
Value 5200

Documentation * Quick reference guide: https://www.millerwelds.com/~/media/miller%20electric/files/pdf/literature%20ordering%20form/tig/ad4-8.pdf
Other References Add links to any other sources that pertain to this equipment.


  • This is a very, very nice TIG welder.
  • Currently using a WP20 Water cooled TIG torch.
    • Feel free to bring your own matching consumables, or use the ones in the box



  • Chiller is SEPARATELY POWERED and this must be done, by you, every time you use the machine. The chiller is now powered on when you turn on the power to the TIG! If you notice any problems with this (slightly experimental) system, poke us on Slack or email Welding@i3detroit.org.
  • Welding PPE is required, this was part of your training. If you don't recall, remember to H.E.L.P. yourself. (Heat, Electricity, Light, Particles)
  • Please clean up thoroughly, turn off the gas, and completely stow the machine and accessories when done. Cables off the floor!
  • If we appear to be low on any supplies, please poke the coordinator(s) right away. Slack #welding or email Welding@i3detroit.org


Note: To reset the unit to factory defaults:

  1. Turn it off using the rear-panel switch.
  2. Then turn it back on, and quickly, while the machine is going through its startup routine:
  3. Press and hold Process, Output, and Adjust buttons simultaneously.
  4. If you did that all fast enough, the unit should now reset all its saved settings and you can start fresh.

Maintenance Info

  • Inspect hoses regularly. Report damage to the zone coordinator(s) ASAP!
  • Check the coolant level via the viewport on the side of the cooler.


A list of commonly asked questions

  • Q: Is training required to use this machine?
    • A: If you are really super confident that you know how to use this, let us know (slack #welding, email welding@i3detroit.org), and it shouldn't be a problem to auth you.
  • Q: How much should I pay to use this machine?
    • A: The usual $2/hour contribution for using the zone will cover the gas and wire costs of the TIG, for steel and aluminum. An extra $1 or so for stainless is appreciated.
  • Q: Do I have to use the zone consumables?
    • A: You are welcome to bring your own, especially if you want to use something specialty or expensive, like gas lenses or expensive electrodes. Check that your parts are compatible before buying.


  • Figure out a robust and sensible way to make the chiller turn on when the main unit is on. It seems to be working so far!

Authorized Users and Trainers

Trainer Name Certified Date
Jody Raiford 2015/09/21
User Name Authorized By Date of Most Recent Training
Jody Raiford Jim Kemp 2015/09/21
Jim Kemp Jim Kemp 2015/09/21
Dave Scholl Jody Raiford 2015/09/21
Ken Siegner Jody Raiford 2015/09/21
Nate Warnick Jody Raiford 2015/09/21
Dillard White Jody Raiford 2015/09/21
Nate Bezanson Jody Raiford 2015/09/21
John Anderson Jody Raiford 2015/09/21
@sri Jody Raiford 2019/04/28
Robert Burns Jody Raiford 2019/04/28
Kevin Fanning Jody Raiford 30oct2019

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