Skutt KMT-822-3 Kiln

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Skutt KMT-822-3 Kiln
Name Skutt Kiln
Zone Ceramics Zone
Reservation Address Link
Reservation Calendar URL Link
HOWTO Reserve Time on Equipment
Owner i3Detroit
Make Model Skutt KMT-822-3
Part Number Serial number 20103-117
Date Acquired 2020/09/29
Storage Location
Authorization Required Yes
Status Running
Value $2784.3

Power Requirements 240VAC Single phase
Documentation * Kiln Manual
Other References


State of the art kiln with digital controller, wifi, and remote monitoring app. Purchased from Runyan Pottery in Clio, Mich.


  • Training and authorization required. Thorough reading of user and controller manuals required.
  • Power vent usage is required for any firing.
  • Users are responsible for removal/repair of any glaze drips onto furniture.
  • Digital controller provides cost to run after each firing (minimum $3). Place relevant funds in Kiln Zone cash box or through Paypal on Kiln Zone page.
  • Changes to any established settings is not allowed.
  • Custom firing programs are allowed.
  • Remember to reserve time on the kiln zone calendar. Specify the Skutt kiln in the calendar entry title, since the calendar is for the whole zone. If you have privacy concerns, you need not put your name in the calendar entry, but it's helpful if someone has questions about sharing a firing or there are issues with the firing.


  • Refer to relevant manuals.
  • A wide variety of cone programs are available that will meet vast majority of needs. Experienced users may choose to create a custom firing schedule.
  • Take great care to avoid hitting thermocouple when moving furniture or loading/unloading pottery.
  • Unplug after use.

Maintenance Info

  • Routine checking for debris inside kiln and vacuuming.
  • Routine checking of thermocouple for cracks or damage.



Authorized Users and Trainers

Trainer Name Certified Date
Tim Clayson 2020/09/29
Roger Slykhouse 2021/09/01
Sabrina Good 2022/01/20
User Name Authorized By Date of Most Recent Training
Roger Slykhouse Tim Clayson 2021/06/01
Alex Tsuker Roger S 2022/11/18
Neil McEachin Roger S 2022/11/18
Megan Greenwood Roger S 2022/11/18
Sabrina Good Roger S 2022/11/18
(prefer Aria) - Sean Kelly Roger S 2022/11/18
Sophia Tsuker Roger S 2022/11/18
Petur Gislason Roger S 2022/11/18
Deb Scott Roger S 2022/11/18
Amy Hang Roger S 2022/11/18

Erica Zador Sabrina G 2023/03/12

Rain Hoskins Sabrina G 2023/04/05

Annette Garza Sabrina G 2023/05/02

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