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The sign committee is in charge of planning, constructing and installing a sign that meets requirements for i3 and the municipal codes.

Ok, the code is not that complicated, really. We'd do a Wall Sign, either attached to the wall above the garage, landlord permitting, or painted/vinyled onto the garage door. Both are in the same category of sign.

Committee Members

  • Greg S.
  • Joseph B.
  • Gary M.


  1. Read and understand the ferndale requirements
  2. Contact the landlord and get his requirements
  3. Solicit alternate designs from members.
    • i3 graphics can be found here
  4. Prepare sketches
  5. Prepare Detailed drawings of alternatives
  6. Submit to landlord for approval.
  7. Submit to Ferndale for concept approval if at least in concept before we go to far.
  8. Member and/or Board vote on cost and design.
  9. Final Ferndale and Landlord approval of construction drawings.
  10. Build and install

Wall Sign Constraints

  • Size of sign: 40 sq ft or 10% of wall area, whichever's smaller. Need to get someone from the city to come out and measure our wall area.
  • Can't stick out more than 12 inches.
  • Have to have a permit

(Relevant) Restraints on all signs

  • City Code
  • No blinky lights, excessively bright lights, or bare bulbs, but it can be lit
  • Materials have to be approved. No ugly materials or structurally unsound materials.

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