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This page is for consumable items that we need in the space. Please add items as needed. If you're heading out to someplace that carries this kind of stuff, or doing some online buying, check here for stuff that we need at the space.

For tools and one-time buys, please see the Wishlist page.

Electronics Room

  • LED bargraph, 7-segment, and alphanumeric displays
  • LED dot-matrix displays
  • 22AWG solid hookup wire (24's too flexible for breadboard use.)
  • Spare hardware for panel-mount switches and pots: 15/32-32NS, M12-1, M6-.75, and 1/4-40NS nuts, weather covers, etc.
  • ESD conductive black foam for chip storage
  • Memristors, as soon as someone starts selling them
  • Fakra-to-SMA adapters/pigtails
  • Other RF adapters including u.fl pigtails
  • Connector samples kits: Especially latching wire-to-board connectors with 0.100" spacing.
  • Mini connector samples kits: Mini-JST and other. FIXME, if you know some common ones.
  • Stepper and PMDC motor driver chips / breakouts / complete modules
  • Fuse holders for glass and automotive blade type fuses

  • Wire rope (3/32" or so)
  • Fine and Ultra-fine Sharpies
  • CF and SD cards, any size you're not using
  • Unistrut, 80/20, Misumi, MakerSlide, and similar "erector set for big kids" rail and parts
  • Casters
  • 1/4NPT and 1/8NPT adapters and fittings every which way
  • hardware (nuts & bolts)
  • lumber, lumber storage
  • Cat5E