RoundOverBit Router Cart

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RoundOverBit Router Cart
Name RoundOverBit Router Cart
Zone Wood Shop

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model
Part Number
Date Acquired 2013-02-22
Storage Location This specialized router setup is installed on a rolling cart in the Wood Shop.
Authorization Required No
Status Running
Value 100

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For easing (rounding-off) sharp corners on long board edges. This setup is a one-trick-pony, but it's a useful trick for a lot of people who use the wood shop. Board corners and edges up to about 5 in. long can be rounded off on the disc sander. For longer edges, use this cart.


  • For safe control, push your workpiece with pusher-pads. This will help keep your fingers away from the blade. Even a small router like this one has enough power to grab your workpiece and fling it away without warning. When this happens, the board is no longer between your fingers and the cutting bit, and your fingers could go onto the bit before you have time to react.
  • Please do not adjust the router height without consulting a Wood-Shop warden.
  • Please do not change the router bit without consulting a Wood-Shop warden.
  • Please use the other router table for all other router-table work.


  • Wear hearing protection and eye protection.
  • Push your workpiece in a direction that goes against the rotation of the bit.
  • Round over the ends (edge-grain) of your workpiece before rounding over the sides parallel to the grain. This will tend to give you a more even and controllable cut.

Maintenance Info

  • The bit is a 3/16 in round-over.



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