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Post your project ideas here. No idea is too big or too small!

Interested in working on something? You can leave comments and sign your name under an idea with ~~~~.


  • User Run Wireless Mesh - Member and non-member supported wireless mesh. It would be a potential LAN linking members to the workshop. It would be useful for robotics projects.
  • Multitouch table - for the lounge area
  • MAME cabinet - for entertainment in the space
  • Security system - use web cam for monitoring the space
  • Hackerspace Management Software - integrates with wiki accounts to track contact info, project listing, meeting scheduling / attendance, responsibilities, etc.
  • i3 Robot - remotely controlled for telepresence.

Router Based IRC or Twitter Feed to TV/ Projector:

  Using a Router with USB ports we can add a USB-VGA adapter and display the I3 twitter feed or the IRC channel:
Devices: Basically any router that has OpenWRT support for the usb chipset
       ASUS WL-520gU - $34
     Find a way to have the router output to a analog signal that can be RF modulated so the signal can be sent to a RF Coax input.

Ybox2 for IRC/ Twitter feed:


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