Powermatic Belt and Disc Sander

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Powermatic Belt and Disc Sander
PwrMat Sander.jpg
Name Powermatic Belt & Disc Sander 1.5 hp, 230V
Zone Wood Shop

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model Powermatic Medel 31A, POW1791291K
Part Number S/N 140914380
Date Acquired 2014-11-14
Storage Location This machine is located in the Woodshop
Authorization Required Yes
Status Running
Value 1490.00

Documentation * Owners Manual
Other References * Sander consumables are on this list: Wood Shop Consumables


This sander is only for sanding wood and soft non-metalic materials that will not clog the sandpaper


Authorization Required, Read, understand and follow safety instructions found in the users manual

  • Materials, This sander is not for metals, only use on wood and some plastics or composites
  • Eye Safety is required using approved safety shield, glasses, or goggles (common eye glasses are not approved)
  • Personal Protection. Before operating the machine, remove tie, rings, watch and other jewelry and roll up sleeves above the elbows. Remove all loose outer clothing and confine long hair.
  • Guards: Keep the machine guards in place at all times when the machine is in use.
  • Work Area: Keep the floor around the machine clean and free of scrap material, saw dust, oil and other liquids to minimize the danger of tripping or slipping.
  • Belt and Disc Direction. Proper belt direction is from the idler pulley towards the drive pulley. Proper disc rotation is counterclockwise facing the disc. CAUTION: Sand on the section of the disc from the center to the left edge. DO NOT use the right hand portion for sanding.
  • Hand safety. Keep fingers and hands away from the belt or disc. DO NOT clear sawdust from the table with the hands; use a brush. On small or thin parts, use a push stick or jig to keep the hands from contacting the abrasive. If using the optional fence, avoid getting fingers too close to the fence to prevent pinching. Never wear gloves while operating the sander.


The belt and disc sander can be equipped with a variety of abrasives and grit sizes to handle a wide variety of materials. It can be used to rapidly remove material and produce a mirror finish. Using various types of fixtures, they can be used to sand template forms, angles, freehand contours, and flats on edges, surfaces and ends.

Maintenance Info



Authorized Users and Trainers

Trainer Name Certified Date
Greg Smith 2015/01/01
Dave Scholl 2015/01/01
Frank Aloia 2022/11/22
User Name Authorized By Date of Most Recent Training
Brandon Biller Greg Smith 2015/01/06
william Cunningham Greg Smith 2015/01/06
Adam Scholl Greg Smith 2015/01/06
Cameron Geralds Greg Smith 2015/01/06
Leonard KH Greg Smith 2015/01/06
Matt Gardeski Greg Smith 2015/01/06
David Jewell Greg Smith 2015/01/06
Kevin Flory Greg Smith 2015/01/06
David Henry Greg Smith 2015/01/06
Levi Morey Greg Smith 2015/01/06
Charlie Rysenga Greg Smith 2015/01/06
Brian McPherson Greg Smith 2015/01/06
Konrad Brown Greg Smith 2015/01/06
Santana D. Scott Greg Smith 2019/02/04
Thomas Mackey Thomas Tusano 2020/02/26
Gary Grzebienik Tim Clayson 2022/08/25
Sean Kelly Frank Aloia 2022/11/23
Drake Shackelford Frank Aloia 02/02/23
Jayson Brown Frank Aloia 02/02/23
Blake Icabone Frank Aloia 02/08/23
Athar Bakth Frank Aloia 2023/06/21
Adam Williams Frank Aloia 2023/06/21
Lou Wilson Frank Aloia 2023/06/21
Steven Maas Frank Aloia 2023/06/21
Furqan Memon Frank Aloia 2023/06/21
Kristina Schmidt Frank Aloia 2023/06/21
Mark Welty Frank Aloia 2023/07/10

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