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Open Skeeball was started as a 'simple' project to get me learning the Arduino / AVR platform. I've used scrap materials for 90% of the machine with the rest being off the shelf parts. The only custom ordered parts were the wooden balls (at $3.85 each why bother making them?), and a roll of cork flooring to line the alley.

It is currently "Beta" functional. I need to tweak the sensor and ball release code for the Arduino. I will be designing a PCB for OpenSkeeball as a stand alone device and possible as an arduino "shield". Source code, Schematic, and build specs will be released under open licensing when the PCB is completed (I don't like releasing things that aren't "done".).

Video of the the ball release, score keeping, and noise making all working.

Images of the skeeball being built.

Video of Ed testing the ramp before wiring in the arduino.