Minutes:Meta Floorplanning Committee Meeting Minutes 20190228

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Agenda for Floorplan Information Gathering Committee - 2019-02-28

Call to order



Committee Timeline

TODO: update Gantt chart of timeline

Deliverable List

  • Survey Summary
  • Floorplan evaluation metrics
  • Floorplan approval process
  • Schedule/timeline?

Floorplan Metrics+submission guidelines

  • What needs to be submitted in a floorplan
    • Zone specific floorplan evaluation
    • High level floorplan stuff
      • How are the hallways?
      • How bad is the electrical stuff to run?
      • How separated is dust generation and such
      • How well can it be done in small steps from current
      • Stuff like not knocking down walls, other requirements like that

This will be discussed in slack.

Summarize the survey

All meta-floorplanning people should go over summary stuff by sunday.

Email ZCs/champions with multiple zones telling them to get one person, and get all ZCs to look over summary. Tell them new zones should submit proposals to exist to the board by 2019-03-12

Action Items

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