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Agenda for 11-4-2014

Chair: Brian McPherson


  • Nicole-guest, friend of Warnick, into everything, like welding
  • David-guest, almost a new member but no Max

Show and Tell

  • Steve Nowicki made a really cool piece of wall art- Koi
  • Greg made a cool mechanical claw out of masonite
  • Ted's visit to London
    • Visited North London Hackerspace
    • Has slideshow
    • They have about the same square footage, over 2 floors
    • Has over 1000 paying members, who pay what they can, no fixed dues amount
    • Space is eerily similar to ours, like freakily identical
  • Kevin made "fine art"/nudie pics, yay!
  • Laser Cut LED Chandeliers from Halloween party
  • Bragosaurus Rex now has an LED backbone
  • i3 Handstamps for parties
  • Charlie made a lead casting from the negative of a piece of laser-engraved wood
  • Jamie/Mike made cool laser-cut awards for the costume contest
  • Visitor came from Pumping Station One in Chicago and was really impressed with both the space and the community. Go i3 people!


Evan put a bunch of XBoxes in the Graveyard

Old Business





Action Item: Justin - Send out a T-Shirt survey to the members

New Business

Member Survey

  • Point of contact Konrad B
  • Google Forms survey received 48 responses
  • Results
    • 48 responses
    • Most people are pretty or very satisfied
    • Commons area most used, Injection molding last, Sky Zone amazingly not last
    • What zone do you want to use? CNC zone first, compute zone last
    • Most wanted zone: Ventilation booth, then infrastructure, cooking, classroom, lots of others had 1
    • 70% of people responding have member storage
    • 42% of people without storage wanted storage
    • Most people use their storage sometimes...but not every time.
    • 80% of people have participated in potlock
    • 50% have served i3 in some capacity
    • 15% don't know how to close down the space
    • 75-80% are comfortable in the space and feel safe around themselves
    • 73% have represented i3 at an external event

Ventilation Booth

  • Point of contact Konrad B
  • Current situation: People, especially when it's cold, do painting and resin indoors, and it's smelly and unhealthy
  • Design
    • I've been putting together some plans for a ventilation booth along the East wall of the space
    • Basing my design on OSHA and EPA standards to my best ability
    • I have a background in air flow calculations and combustion, so I am able to math all of the maths
  • Location
    • Either in the current injection molding zone (CNC zone doesn't like the idea of the smell)
    • Or by the welding zone (by high temperature 'splody things)
  • Timing
    • Pending approval, installation would begin at the December Pot Lock
Action Item: Konrad - Bring a preliminary design, budget, and floor plan as part of a proposal to the next board meeting

Open Board Position

  • Devon resigned
  • Board is asking the rest of the board nominees from the September election if they are still willing to serve
  • After all of the current nominees are collected, there will be a mock vote by the membership
  • The board will use the results of the member vote to inform their decision to appoint a new member

Server Upgrades

  • Current compute/network server infrastructure sucks "Giant Heaping Monkey Balls"
    • Front-facing VM Skynet runs website & phones
    • Fab Lab machine also runs VMs that control all the Fab Lab Equipment
    • Current hardware is power-inefficient, hard to maintain due to age, and untrustworthy
    • People who currently repair the server want it to be in the hands of a company, not their spare time
    • Brings up the question-Is this a Tool or a Project, and people in the know agree that this is most definitely a Tool.
  • Amelia Meyer got quotes from RAVE Computers, his vendor for industrial machines File:2014 RAVE Quote.pdf
  • RR-4U-I3D-2630-01: (1) Xeon machine for $4000 or so
  • RR-4U-I3D-2630-02: (2) Xeon machine for $4800 or so (purchased, hardac.i3detroit.local)
  • Options are buy one of these, probably the single-Xeon machine, or have someone else produce a quote
  • Tabled to the mailing list

Infrastructure Zone Coordinator

  • Lego nominates Evan as Infrastructure Zone Coordinator
  • Tabled to the board meeting

Selling the Forklift

  • Jody needs to know details by the 25th of November in order to sell it at the same auction that the welders recently sold at
  • Also trying to sell it on craigslist before then

Pop Coordinator

  • Terry needs to resign from the non-official position of pop warden and needs a repacement
  • Basically person who handles the petty cash from the pop fund
  • We used to just bring in cases individually, and that worked fairly well when we were smaller
    • This doesn't work when no one does it
    • When people don't buy pop that's reasonably cheap, we lose money
  • Person in charge should be delegating, not doing the lion's share
  • Evan wants stated procedure to get preferred brand and get reimbursed
Action Item: Terry - send email to the list about pop fund warden

Halloween Party Recap

  • Big Success
  • Fantastically decorated
  • Photobooth pictures are up onflickr and facebook

Children's Hospital Project

  • Greg and Roger are helping the Children's Hospital
  • They're making little tesselated wooden pieces for sick kids to paint
  • It's a really awesome project, good PR and good for the community

Space Project Updates

Current Projects & Status:

Project Name/Desc Status Champion Coordinator Budget FY14 Initial Due Date Current Due Date
New CRM Active Jamie Board not yet unknown
Sell Welders Done Jody Jody no 11/04/2014
Weld Zone exhaust Active Jody Jody TBD 12/31/2014
Desks for WhiteBoard Room Active Justin Max? no unknown
Caster Stands for Kiln Active Terry Terry YES 12/31/14
^^^^ On Schedule for December - Terry
Tying the Keypad to the CRM Tabled Evan Board no waiting on new CRM
RFID for equipment Orphaned
Equipment Access via the Wiki ACTIVE Jamie - No End of year to complete beta testing?
New i3 PowerSports car Active Jon Matt YES 07/15/15
Ducting for CNC Plasma Cutter Tabled stopped due to plasma cutter leaving
Urinal Repair DONE Nate W Board YES 11/01/14 10/21/14
New compressor ORPHANED Nate B ? no sep 2014? ...
Rotary Tool for Bumblebee Active Roger Matt A./Devon T. YES N/A
Out door sign for i3 Active Greg Board NO TBD TBD
Sign in Desk, Foyer Active Greg Board Yes TBD TBD

Sell Welders

  • They're gone! Check should be coming to the space any day now. Whoever checks the mailbox, please let me know when they get here.

Weld Exhaust

Jody's feeling unsure of how to get this rolling. Previous help has petered out. Requesting help before bruteforcing the issue.

Zone updates

Bike Zone

no updates

CNC Zone

  • Adam Leeb completed his 2nd Hemingwrite aluminum case on the HAAS. The 2nd case really turned out nice. Adam, and his teammate Patrick Paul, are off to New York to the final round of the contest they entered.
  • There are a couple of other projects heating up too.

Compute Zone

no updates

Craft Room


E Lab

Thursday is a group workshop to replace counterfeit FTDI chips on Arduinos

Fab Lab


Injection Molding


Kiln Zone

  • Vacuuform extension cord is fixed (thanks Nate W). A new list of Authorized users for the kilns and the Vacuuform will be coming out this month.

Laser Zone

no wardens here

Metal Shop

Steve and Jon are re-designing racks for scrap metal pieces

Sky Zone

  • Frogs

Tool Crib

  • Drills wiki page updated to reflect new authorization policy
  • Drill bit dispenser in works.
  • Please clean up after yourself

Tree House

warden not here

Vinyl Zone

warden not here

Welding Zone

  • Welders are sold!
  • Classes went well. (though jody needs to be tougher about enforcing class limits)
  • Trying to find some expertise on putting in exhaust system. If no help is found, Jody will be going to a store that sells stuff and buying whatever the sales staff tell him to buy, after posting an appropriate budget request to the board.

Wood Shop

  • Replacement brake from SawStop is here
  • Make sure that everyone knows that "Trained" has been changed to "Authorized on"


i3 MotorSports

  • Acquiring a rolling frame for the I3 new car #33.



Other active SIGs?

Action Items

Action ItemPOC
Send out a T-Shirt survey to the membersJustin
Bring a preliminary design, budget, and floor plan as part of a proposal to the next board meetingKonrad
send email to the list about pop fund wardenTerry

Broom Party

Clean up after the halloween party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:45
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees: 22


  1. Brian McPherson
  2. Jamie Burdeski
  3. Scott Sheraga
  4. Amelia Meyer
  5. Charlie Rysenga
  6. Nate Bezanson
  7. James O'Dell
  8. Evan Allen
  9. Ted Hansen
  10. W. Scott Richardson
  11. Dave Scholl
  12. Tom Kim
  13. Terry Wynn
  14. Justin Triplett
  15. Adrienne Patterson
  16. Nicole Weltman
  17. Greg Smith
  18. Steve Nowicki
  19. Nathan Warnick- Mr. Awesome smiley face
  20. Konrad Brown
  21. Mike Fink
  22. Brandon Biller