Minutes:Maker Faire Meeting 20160507

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Maker Faire 2016


  • Nothing Reported


  • Nothing reported

Decorations/Space Prep

  • Nothing reported


  • Nothing reported


  • Flyer needs to be done in time to be packed into Maker Packet
  • What is that date -> Shauna
  • Flier - Mike
  • Do we want to do a cheaper version of the tri fold because money? Maybe?


  • Swit and Joseph are working on it


  • Reserve early -> Mike


  • More details on Walls
    • Where do they roll up? Can we adjust them? -> Shauna

Maker Communication

Call for makers

  • Needs to go out now!


  • Wristbands/tickets
    • THF will be handing them out like regular to our members. We just need to provide a list.
    • Do we need to set up procedure for members picking theirs up at the space?
  • Truck space needs to be coordinated
  • Parking Passes too. (Parking is in the same place as last year)

Learn to Solder

  • Do we want to do this?
    • Consensus in room is yes.
  • Coordinating Volunteers
    • Three types
      • one class leader
      • A number of "minders" who circulate the tent and help people who are stuck.
      • Staff for cash register and waiver station
    • Create signup schedule
      • Have a number of people volunteering already
  • Money for supplies
    • Charlie's back of the envelope super conservative calculation is 3 to 3.5k upfront
  • Badges
    • Charlie's Pie in the Sky dream is to offer three. Two basic blinky LED and one "advanced"
      • The two basic badges would be the MAKE one and a homebrew one.
      • The advanced one would be a waterfall or larson scanner LED.


Task Taskee
Coordinate Soldering Charlie
Ask Shauna Questions from meeting Charlie
Make Flyer Mike
Coordinate Volunteer signups for i3 Booth Help Needed!
Call for makers! Help Needed!
Truck Signup Mike
Fill out Makerfaire information page Help Needed!