Minutes:Maker Faire Meeting 20150530

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  • Konrad Brown
  • Jamie Burdeski
  • Mike Fink
  • Kevin Flory
  • Fai Foen
  • Adrienne Patterson
  • Chris Prout
  • Charlie Rysenga
  • Justin Triplett
  • Yajie Wang
  • Nathan Warnick

Action Items

  1. Justin:
    1. Create floor plan for indoor area
    2. Ask Swit about Robot Knife Fight
    3. Ask Macro Machines if they're coming
    4. Coordinate T-shirts
  2. Kevin:
    1. Coordinate art gallery--get list of who's in gallery
    2. Quote materials cost for pedestals and other setup materials
  3. Jamie:
    1. Plan and coordinate outdoor floor plan
    2. Set up initial party meeting
    3. Quote table cloths and other theming materials
    4. Coordinate with Kevin on getting signs printed and laminated
  4. Konrad:
    1. Coordinate I3 merchandise table (or area)
    2. Coordinate I3 information area
    3.  ? Coordinate poster based off of trifold brochure
  5. Nate W:
    1. Organize street team
  6. Charlie:
    1. Buy pamphlets and business cards
      1. Ask Maddie how many 'postcard' brochures were printed last time
    2. Buy new banners
      1. Duplicate the size, number, and design we have now
    3. Check relevant budget items (or propose budget item to board)
  7. Mike:
    1. Plan and reserve truck