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Agenda for 04-10-2018

Chair: Alec B

Officer Reports

Treasury and Budget Report for Mar 2018

  • Financial Grade: A
    • Emergency: $30K
    • Build Out Fund: $1.5K
    • Checking : $2.4K
    • BNektar: $1.2K
    • Paypal: $.0K
    • Total: $35.1K
  • Paypal for Laser Usage is up and working well.
  • Number of yearly dues members 15
  • Pass the Hat for TV total: $543 DISPERSED
  • We exited Mar with 16 people overdue >$100 and 15 at $100-$49.01
  • Donation from Hackernest - came from donation jar set out during their recent social event at i3
  • Mel doing the taxes (yeah!) because we have finally passed a threshold of $$ which requires more complicated tax forms
  • Each Months Running Balance for Zone Funds are at https://www.i3detroit.org/wiki/Zone_Funds
  • Terry needs some guidance on where to store our financial data, on the somewhat nebulous-seeming i3 Google Drive
Action Item: Jody - Sort out the google drive situation for Terry


  • Nothing to report


  • Vivian has been talking with zone coordinators to set up zone specific events to better show off our zones internally.
    • Woodworking with Greg
    • Jewelry with Leora, Lewis, and Tanya
    • Other zones TBD
  • Talk of getting WDIV to come in and get some special interest coverage for i3, potentially as soon as this Saturday - was discussed for the Open House previously
  • Member storage cleanup going really well, only a handful of plots to go that still look like they haven't been touched.
  • How would everyone feel about placing plastic, like Jody has in the weld zone, in front of those plots facing the table near the wood zone? Jody: We still have some spare light colored weld curtain that could be used.

Senior Vice President

  • Nothing to report

VP of Activities & Classes

  • n/a

VP of Membership-Onboarding

+2 members since last board meeting

4/10 3/13
Pre-Phase 1 1 1
Phase 1 1 1
Phase 2 32 22
Post-Phase 2 0 0
Member 60 58
  • Large group of people started working on membership since the last board meeting. Ten people are either working on Phase 2 or submitted it!

VP of Membership-Retention

  • n/a

VP of Membership-Member Advocate

  • There is one issue that has been brought to our attention that we are currently looking into. Please speak to us in person if you want more detail at this time.

Old Business

Action Item Review

Action Item POC Status
Provide accounting of vending machine stuff Joseph Joseph will get that done sometime in the next week
Initiate mailing list discussion on guest policy Joseph Discussion started
Start a discussion thread for expansion/space cleanliness Vivian Done, and she's seen more people getting involved

Guest Policy Discussion

  • Alec: reducing the number of guests per person could impact events negatively
  • Tony: Events could be separate and they usually get talked about beforehand. Also one person can't host and keep an eye on 10 people all at once.
  • Jamie: what was the problem that started this?
  • Joseph: Several instances of bad guests, members being bad hosts
  • Jamie: Has this been addressed with the individuals>
  • Joseph: Yes but that doesn't seem to have changed things
  • Paul & David: We should better enforce the rules we have before changing them
  • Joseph: But what's the consequence for guests leaving messes?
  • Mike: The host is responsible for the mess and routinely leaving messes is grounds for suspension
  • Joseph: Two particular groups motivated this line of discussion
  • Tony: Space is a commodity and we don't want specific large groups monopolizing resources
  • Discussion on what penalties/discipline is availble, suspension of membership, etc
  • David: The board can address issues like this with different levels of response, but when the frustration never reaches the board they can't act on it.
  • Jamie: The board can also just send an email to the person as a warning, or post to the mailing list for systemic issues. But people need to bring up the issue.
  • Tony: Thinks that is a good idea
  • David: We need issues to be recorded

Proposed Changes to Harassment Policy

  • Jody: Lots of the changes were replacing 'board member' with 'member advocate', did we want to make that 'member advocate or board member'?
  • David: It could help based on proximity, whether there's a board member around or a member advocate at the time, though a lot of time things would just get referred back to the member advocate.
  • Emily: doesn't think the wording would make anyone uncomfortable to talk to a board member or member advocate depending on who's around.
  • Jody: Thinks the changes would be OK enacted as written
Adopt the changes to the harassment policy as shown in the harassment policy below
Moved by Jody, Seconded by Tony
6 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS
i3Detroit has established a policy against harassment, and is articulating it publicly online, so that expectations will be clear. Let it be known that if issues were to arise, we would rather resolve them, than brush your concerns under the rug.
Ask before touching another person, and interpret the absence of a clear "yes" as a "no". Abide by it.
When i3Detroit members and guests express a limit on the amount or type of socializing they wish to do with you, abide by that limit.
It is OK to express the socializing limits that you have.
i3Detroit does not tolerate behavior that promotes violence against or directly attacks or threatens others on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease.
Rather than stop visiting the hacker space, i3Detroit members and guests are urged to report violations of this policy to our member advocates, with the assurance that they are committed to take you seriously and do their best to resolve the situation.
Any time that a member advocate deems it is necessary to address an incident of improper social behavior, they will investigate. If the member advocate determines an infraction took place, they will inform the board of directors. The board of directors will then work with the member advocates to issue one of the following: A. A warning. B. A suspension of membership for a duration of the board's choosing. C. A ban from the premises.
The member advocates will respect and maintain the confidentiality of the complaint and the identity of all parties involved, outside the inquiries of the investigation.
The member advocates will keep a private record of complaints and penalties, to be made available to the by the board of directors and the secretary upon request.

Summary of Board List/Slack Discussions since last meeting

  • Discussion of where our financial info is stored

New Business

  • None

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:15
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees: 18

Action Item Summary

Action ItemPOC
Sort out the google drive situation for TerryJody

Proposal Summary

ProposalMoved BySeconded ByAyeNayResult
Adopt the changes to the harassment policy as shown in the harassment policy belowJodyTony60PASS


  1. Alec B
  2. Jody R
  3. Mike F
  4. Tony S
  5. Matt C
  6. Vivian S
  7. Matt H
  8. James O
  9. Paul F
  10. Thomas T
  11. Emily A
  12. Paul L
  13. Kevin F
  14. Jamie B
  15. Jan H
  16. Joseph B
  17. Terry W
  18. David H

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