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Agenda for 10-13-2015

Chair: Mike Fink

Cowbell in 7:36pm-ish. Or thereabouts. After the cubesat meeting wrapped up and quieted down.


  • Evan introduces himself, also is working on electrical/lighting plan for the classroom.


  • Leora is cancelling the jewelry class this weekend. Factors: Cost, timing (busy weekend), etc. Coming up with alternate plans.

Old Business

  • Generate a 'how to use the tax id' guideline - Terry - Terry says this will be done within the next ten days
  • Give old air compressor back to former members - Evan - Evan has contacted former members and not gotten a response, will poke them again.
    • Charlie asks if there's a way to set a deadline to finally declare it abandoned.
    • Evan points out that under our rules, it's LONG since abandoned, and we're just trying to be nice. They're now saying that we implicitly rented it from them (wat?) and we don't get our share back out, etc.
  • Cleanup committee page - Jamie - hasn't been edited since last year

New Business

  • Jim is here to talk about the RFID system.
    • Had it here last month, but it crashed, he found a flash corruption problem with the raspberry pi.
    • Losing faith and patience in the raspi platform, Brian points out a caveat, etc.
    • Nate B asks what application this is suggested for. Jim says it's for the Haas initially, then go into the glass door as an alternate entry while it's proving itself.
    • Nate B points out the door is battery-backed, Jim has a solenoid that uses less power when idle.
    • Jim explains about partitioning, he's had it running for a few weeks now, every hour it snaps a picture and btsyncs it out of the building.
    • Jim wants to make sure it's cool to tie it into the Haas.
    • Jim talked to the landlord's son, who got his dad on the phone, who in principle agreed to adding the latch to the door, cool with cutting into the frame a little.
    • Jim is looking for permission to proceed with the door system. Worst case, it just keeps the door locked, no downside.
    • Right away, looking to put it on the Haas, week or so, start putting it on the glass door.
    • Cron job to reboot the wifi hardware, another to make sure the python script is running.
    • Nate B points out the haas isn't board business, sending images offsite is board business.
    • Evan says he doesn't care, just do it and it becomes an exception. Mike points out the camera policy forbids it.
    • Nate B points out that the front door faces outside, that could have a camera no problem. Only the inside one is forbidden.
    • Evan points out that the camera policy doesn't say who can vote to edit it. Will bring a revision to a vote at the next meeting.
      • Vote on whether to attach Jim's solenoid activated latch to the glass door. Brian/Leora/Evan/Matt/Matt in favor, Mike recuses.
    • Nate B requests that the door wiring hold off while the classroom renovation is under way.
    • Jim will have more details after the meeting.
  • Jim has one more piece of business: The Microsoft Surface was donated to us by Siemens, has a bunch of stuff loaded on it.
    • The plan is to cable-lock it to the bench back there.
    • Mike: You can install whatever you want in the CNC zone. Just do it.

Officer Reports

Treasury and Budget Report for September, 2015

Financial Grade: A-

Emergency: $10K Checking : $13.5K

  • Big Debts Looming: Construction and Engineering
  • All Membership change to $49 on Oct 1.
  • 85 Subscriptions 12 annuals - Goal 100 total
  • Dunning emails 2 times per month, before 15th and about 25th.
  • Terminating membership for those who haven't paid anything in 3 months (except those people that pay ahead).
  • In August and September we exceeded planned dues and had a profit. This is a good trend.

Treasure oct 15.jpg

    • All the membership changed to $49 on October 1, that caused an error in the CRM, that's all fixed and clear so ignore the notice.
    • Termination: If you didn't pay for 2 months and we noticed quarterly, worst-case scenario you'd be overdue for 5 months, we're changing that to monthly so worst-case is 3 months.
  • Matt A asks about the zone budget email being hard to understand, Terry will send it again.
  • There was an email on the board list about buying some equipment, Terry wants to make sure this gets properly authorized.
    • This is about the guillotone in the letterpress zone.
    • Evan: Sum that up? Terry: We're reappropriating the budget from letterpress itself to supplies for the letterpress zone, then rearranging the money to buy a different thing.
    • Terry: The guillotine requires floor space, which we haven't approved.
    • Evan: Split this into two proposals. One to rename the money to supplies, and the other to buy the guillotine.
    • The letterpress was more expensive than we budgeted, so Ashley just owns it, and would like to spend the budgeted money to make supplies to run it.
    • But wasn't the point of budgeting to actually get more space-owned tools rather than having member-owned stuff that could walk out the door?
    • Mike and Matt A: Can we just ask Ashley?
    • Evan proposes we table this. Seconded by Leora.


see above

Membership Coordinator

not here


not here


not here

Vice President

  • Helped Leora set up a class, which wasn't very successful.

Officer Appointments

  • Evan proposes we appoint Terry as treasurer.
    • 6 in favor, mike abstains, none opposed. (Brian M, Leora D, Evan A, Matt G, Matt A, and Matt Huber pre-voted this way by email.)
  • Evan proposes we appoint James O'Dell as VP of Classes or Activities or whatever the designation is in the wiki.
    • Mike: Have you confirmed that he accepted?
    • Evan: He self-appointed!
    • Matt A seconds. 6 in favor, mike abstains, none opposed. (Brian M, Leora D, Evan A, Matt G, Matt A, and Matt Huber pre-voted this way by email.)
  • Mike: Does anyone have any other people they've talked to? Evan: Roger doesn't want to be president, I tried. Lego: You could appoint him anyway. Mike: He could just resign. Mike: Justin hasn't been spoken with yet?
    • Evan goes to look for David Henry to find out of he'll accept a nomination. Can't find him. Is invisibility a point in favor?
  • Mike: Membership advocate has two nominations for Matt Arnold, one each for Konrad and Max. It sounded like Konrad and Max were each looking for some time off. Matt, are you interested? Matt A: Yeah!
    • Matt A wanders off to figure out where Evan went, haven't we seen this in a horror movie?
    • Evan: Found David. And, we have an official answer from Justin: "Ha ha, no thanks."
  • David: Has concerns about being able to make meetings on time. We've arrived late for more meetings than we've been on time for. Allen Park to Farmington to here...
    • Nate B points out that taking minutes is only part of the duties, would volunteer to be delegated for that if David can do everything else.
    • Matt A asks if he can be responsive, David's asking how much work and how much turnaround.
    • Evan points out nominations and votes, just once a year.
    • Nate B talks about keeping the information coherent, finding and updating policies that people want to change, answering questions about records, etc.
    • Mike points out the secretary has...
    • Evan: After talking about this, would you be willing to serve?
  • Evan nominated David, Matt A seconds. Vote: 6 in favor, mike abstains, none opposed. (Brian M, Leora D, Evan A, Matt G, Matt A, and Matt Huber pre-voted this way by email.)
  • Leora nominates Matt Arnold, Evan hesitates to second, points out Max said he doesn't want to do *anything* for like the next year. Has anyone talked to Konrad? Matt A: He's going on hiatus isn't he?
  • As long as we know that we've talked to the other people, Evan seconds.
  • Vote: 6 in favor, mike abstains, none opposed. (Brian M, Leora D, Evan A, Matt G, Matt A, and Matt Huber pre-voted this way by email.)
  • Evan: Can we do VP of offboarding. Nate B is here, do you accept? Yes, can I have an actual shovel? Joking about a shovel, Matt A's Ban-hammer...
  • Evan nominates, Matt G seconds, Vote: 6 in favor, mike abstains, none opposed. (Brian M, Leora D, Evan A, Matt G, Matt A, and Matt Huber pre-voted this way by email.)
  • Evan: Has anyone talked to Vivian about being an officer? I think she'd be good to have but forgot to ask her. Mike: Haven't seen her since Red Bull.
  • Matt: Charlie, were you interested in being VP? Charlie: I would enjoy it. Nate: Can we call Vivian? Mike grabs her number, Evan dials and walks to somewhere quieter. (Grinder noise in the weld zone.)
  • Leora: While we wait for that, has Greg been talked to about membership onboarding? Mike: Not to my knowledge.
  • Evan: Vivian says she'd be happy to do it, would be happy to be an external-facing officer of i3 and represent us at places, etc. Woohoo! Matt A: Did you talk about when she's moving? Evan: I told her the term was for the next year, she didn't mention anything in conflict. Matt A: Well I'm in favor.
  • We all forgot to ask Greg about onboarding, Matt A suggests tabling it.
  • Nate B: I've been effectively been doing it since 2009. Evan: Can we nominate you and possibly hand it off: Nate B: Sure, or I could delegate.
  • Evan: Would you do it? We could move it later. Nominates Nate B as VP of membership onboarding.
  • Leora: Acting? Evan: Interim. Charlie: There's no term limit on that. Evan: Don't we have to vote on them? Nate B: If nobody votes to replace, old one continues serving. Evan: Is there a second?
  • Matt G seconds. Vote: 6 in favor, mike abstains, none opposed. (Brian M, Leora D, Evan A, Matt G, Matt A, and Matt Huber pre-voted this way by email.)
    • Much chuckling that Matt Huber pre-voted for every single one so far. The Kingmaker! The new Ted!
  • Brian brings up Vivian again. Evan: Thinks Charlie should be president cuz he's been around longer, and Vivian would make a splendid VP. Nominates Charlie for president, surprise! Charlie accepts.
    • Leora seconds. Vote: Brian M abstains, 4 in favor: Leora, Evan, Matt G, Matt A.
  • Evan nominates Vivian as Senior VP. Matt G seconds.
    • Vote: Brian M abstains (doesn't know her), 4 in favor: Leora, Evan, Matt G, Matt A.
  • Evan: Current minutes-taker send out an email with the contents of this meeting minutes wiki page, and a condensed list of people who've been appointed.
  • Evan: We do have to reappoint zone coordinators, don't we?
    • Justin walks in and says something about doing it in exchange for dues.
  • Evan: Nate B, do you want to put out a solicitation for people to help, or just serve until whenever?
    • Nate B: I think onboarding needs two skills: Ability to bring people into the i3 culture, and meticulous attention to the data. People are bad at self-nominating for both. I'll look for a replacement but not advertise.
  • Mike: Starting a transition period from old officers to new officers, get everybody the permissions they need to do their job.
  • Mike cowbells out, 8:37pm.
  • Nate B points out "You" have a lost-and-found party, not on the board any more, HA-ha!

Floor Plan Report

Lost & Found Party

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