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Agenda for 02-03-2015

Chair: Brian McPherson


-New member Nick-engineer, father, woodworker

Show and Tell

  • Steve Nowicki made a custom box with Marine's logo
  • Ken made a tricopter- used 3D printer, welders, laser cutters
  • Nate made USB outlets on the drops over the Commons tables
  • Brandon's popping his show and tell cherry
    • Power supply for a band in wisconsin, used laser cutter

Old Business

New Business

Educational Development and Stimulus Fund

Point of Contact: Ken Siegner

  • Edsfund.org grant for 40% off Tormach tools (CNC mill) up to $6,000 worth, for STEM Education, Vocational Training, and 501c3 Maker spaces. Rules suggest participants must have a specific project in mind to be completed within 1 year and Tormach tools must have a role in this.
  • If the big HAAS is like a private jet, Tormach is like a 2-seater plane - good for learning on, not as big a risk as learning on the Haas
  • Pretty open-ended as far as project proposal requirements
Action Item: Ken - Start discussion about Tormach grant on mailing list and bring update to the next meeting

reBOOT Detroit Conference and Hackathon

Point of Contact: --Charlie247 (talk) 16:27, 3 February 2015 (EST)

  • They want us to be a community partner
  • Dates: May 16-19th of 2015


  • reBOOT Detroit is hosting a conference and they have asked us to be a community partner
  • To become a community partner we would be required to post advertisements on social media and provide a 1/2 day volunteer in exchange for promotion of our org, 2 con tickets, and an offer to host a workshop at the con.


  • Free
  • Those who complete and present a project get free admission to the conference
  • Prizes available (duh)
  • Hackathon could be a fun thing to do as a group
Action Item: Charlie - Follow up with reBOOT and bring update to next meeting

Parking permit update

Point of Contact: Nate B

  • Current form is short, but lacks information and leads to miscommunication and confusion
  • Rules surrounding permits are also confusing and contradictory
    • "Four day rule" for temporary projects (doesn't require a parking permit)
    • What happens to an expired permit? Automatically ticketed?
  • Current responsibility is on wardens to keep their zone clear, which creates a lot of work and makes them play the bad guy
Action Item: Nate - Continue parking ticket discussion and bring a proposal to the next meeting

Commons Chairs

  • We need more chairs (according to Whiny-pants Ken)
  • It's a budget item already, maybe need to check to see who's the champion
  • Stop whining, Ken.

Red Bull MindShare

  • Point of Contact: Konrad B
  • TEDx-like event held at a business fraternity at U of M Ann Arbor
  • Red Bull contact Christine L is looking for 1 or 2 representatives from i3 to participate
  • Talk about origin story, our philosophy, etc
  • Maybe show off some projects (need to be portable)
  • Travel would be compensated
  • Volunteers needed!

WDET Star Initiative

  • Point of Contact: Konrad B
  • WDET 101.9 Wayne State Public Radio is offering radio time to advertise for Detroit arts and culture non-profits
  • Anyone interested in working on the application? Contact
  • What does advertising do?
    • Not looking for new members
    • Maybe good for big events
    • Good exposure for potential sponsors

Outreach to Adult Learning

  • Point of Contact: Konrad B
  • Putting out feelers for anyone that has connections to adult continuing education
  • Seeking to broaden i3's community outreach, any one interested in getting involved?
  • Seeking to talk to that community and see what their needs are
  • Talk to Konrad if you're interested

Zone updates

Action Item: Jamie - Send email to Zone Coordinators regarding Zone Updates

Bike Zone

Coordinator not present

CNC Zone

Coordinator not present

  • Patrick: Jim and Patrick have been making FIRST robotics
  • Jim's been holding classes Fridays at 7pm
  • HAAS is being repaired tomorrow to keep it from leaking

Compute Zone

Coordinator not present

  • Konrad: VHS digitizer is complete and instructions on the wiki

Craft Room

  • Lots of classes and informal training in Feburary
  • Lots of activity on embroidery

E Lab

  • Good: Last orientation went well.
  • Bad: Orientations generall poorly attended.
  • Good: A big donation of neat stuff came in, so if anyone's looking for Motorola or Netburner parts...
  • Bad: Scott (ham warden) has stepped down to deal with life. So Nate B will be trying to turn the pile into something useful.
  • Request for involvement: Anyone who's BOTH an active ham AND an active i3 member is encouraged to offer input.

Fab Lab

  • Pegasus Touch printer (AKA the shiny resin printer) is functional and printing
    • Classes, 90 minutes long, 2015-02-08 19:00 and 2015-02-09 19:00
    • More to come depending on how well these go
    • Classes are $5, to cover time and materials
      • EventBrite charges their usual fees (minimum $0.99 per ticket, 2.5% service fee, 3% processing fee) so the total cost to attendees is $6.27 (EventBrite rounds up)
      • I have had an unfortunate amount of complaint about this...
      • ...I use EventBrite because it allows me to do things I am good at and enjoy (teaching classes) rather than things I am not good at and do not enjoy (keeping track of tickets, collecting funds)
      • If the 24% fee over my charge is too much to bear, please let me know.
        • Either this means you volunteer to do all organisation of the class on my behalf...
        • ...or future classes will simply have fees associated with them to make that percentage smaller. (a $20 class has fees totaling 10%; $50 yields 7.5%)
  • All Fab Lab wiki pages converted to the Equipment Access Project templates
  • New motion sensor in lab for lighting
    • Set to 5 minute timeout
    • Set to leave lights off if you turn them off manually while still in the room (so the Pegasus can be used)
    • If lights are insufficiently on when you enter the room, turn them more on using one of the switches
  • Protomat is still down
  • Printrbot has been down
    • Mysteriously disassembled a while back
    • Would like it to be reassembled and restored to working conditions so that we can use it at shows and cons
    • Anyone want to take point on this?


  • lighting in the bathroom is no longer massively unsafe and dark
  • Toilet paper dispenser now has an AM radio
  • cord drop has new end with usb

Injection Molding

  • Large Arburg
    • Need to take hydraulic piston to repair shop for quotes on rebuild.
    • If you are free during the day let Nate W know! Otherwise I'll attempt to find a shop open on saturday.
  • Small Arburg
    • Need someone with cad skills to assist in mold design.
    • First mold goal is simple (i3) keychain. So round with the i3 logo embossed, future goal is to be able to embed rfid chips in to the keychain.

Kiln Zone

  • Not highly used in January
  • Pottery Wheel on Back Order. Should arrive in Feb.
    • Konrad is excited about that.
  • Casters on large Kiln DONE. Large Kiln much more accessible and portable now.
  • Kiln cover is becoming marginal... may need to be replaced soon

Laser Zone

Coordinator not present

Metal Shop

  • New bandsaw being put in
  • Levi has a new job! It's slowing down and not consuming his life though

Sky Zone

  • Collaborated with Infrastructure Zone to enhance lights in the large bathroom. Now have a light hung from the ceiling over the sink which is Matt Gardeski approved, and a new shiny fixture over the stalls which make them more friendly (apparently we have a TP holder made from hdd cases... leave it to the nerds).

Tool Crib

  • Bought So Many 1/4" Hex bit holders

Tree House

  • Tree house is dirty
Action Item: Maxwell - Clean Whiteboard room (with input for justin)

Vinyl Zone

  • Non-Standard Vinyls have been moved off the rack, with the exception of the bottom few layers. This is to prevent people from acidentally using the more expensive vinyls when all they care about is color.
  • New colors, including what the box said was gold glitter but ended up just being gold. Requests gladly accepted.
  • Blade recently replaced, report to warden if anything is weird.
  • New shiny software in the works. (Hey Andrew update Marie when the VM is ready)
  • Thanks to Evan and others for cleaning up the zone and making it pretty.
  • Vinyl Cutting and Sand Blasting class planned for tomorrow at 6:30.

Welding Zone

  • Classes went very well!
  • More classes coming, be sure to keep an eye out for the WhenIsGood
  • Motor for ventilation has arrived! Hopefully can work on it very soon, and get all the things ventilated!
  • Thanks to everyone who's been sweeping after finishing work. The zone floor has been less slippery lately.

Wood Shop

  • Lot of big projects have gone through the woodshop in the last month
  • Had one class last month and lots of people made things based on that class
  • Going to have another class tonight, so look forward to more projects

Action Items

Action ItemPOC
Start discussion about Tormach grant on mailing list and bring update to the next meetingKen
Clean Whiteboard room (with input for justin)Maxwell
Send email to Zone Coordinators regarding Zone UpdatesJamie
Follow up with reBOOT and bring update to next meetingCharlie
Continue parking ticket discussion and bring a proposal to the next meetingNate

Broom Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:40
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees: 18


  1. Brian McPherson
  2. Jamie Burdeski
  3. Greg Smith
  4. Nate Bezanson
  5. Matthew Gardeski
  6. Kevin Flory
  7. Patrick George
  8. Steve Nowicki
  9. Don O'Connor
  10. Cameron Garalds
  11. Ken Siegner
  12. Dave Scholl
  13. Mike Fink
  14. Scott Scheraga
  15. Matt Huber
  16. Max "The Awesomenest" Gonyea
  17. Nick Kriete
  18. Evan Allen
  19. Charlie "Too little, too late" Rysenga