Maker Faire After Party 2016

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 Maker Faire After Party 2016

Maker Faire After Party 2016

  • Date: Saturday, July 30th
  • Time: 8:00 pm until the last ones leave

Announcements and PR

  • Flyers to be made by Mike F. by July 1st, distributed to other makers in their bags. Publicize well in advance as many out of town makers decide what they're going to do ahead of time. More makers attending mean more fun!
  • Make announcements regarding the party on Facebook, twitter, i3Detroit public list, and any other pertinent venues
  • Street parking - create signage to let people know where to park
  • Possible live streaming of party on seenstream


  • Budget: $1,200
  • Bartender: $200 - Scott has tentatively agreed to be our bartender again this year
  • Beverages: $400
  • Cups/Napkins/Wristbands: $50
  • Decor: $100
  • Set-Up Food (food for volunteers during party set-up day of): $60
  • Food: $140
  • Ice: $50
  • Flyers: $100
  • Flex: $100
  • Total: $1,200

Set Up and Tear Down

  • Friday: Sweep space out after MF trucks leave
  • Saturday: Space Set Up
  • 5 Person Set up (Will leave MF midday) - All people who assist with party set-up will receive a wristband for Maker Faire
    • Sam
    • James
    •  ?
    •  ?
    •  ?
  • Sunday - Monday: Clean-up from the after party. All clean up to be done by Monday evening.


  • Extra trash bags
  • Wristbands for alcohol (to be purchased by Sam)

Lay Out

  • White Board Room / Media Lab to be the bar area, same as last year
  • Outside Seating
  • Decor
    • Find supplies from last year and re-use
    • Nikki and Corey taking lead on decor with a subtle 90's theme
  • Food and Non Alcoholic drink in classroom - set up tables inside
  • DJ Booth to go along exterior wall of the classroom
  • High Tops in Common Area
    • To be moved to perimeter as dancing begins
  • Tree House to be a chill out lounge area
  • Photo Booth
    • Possible photo booth by Nikki and Corey

Attendance at 6/13 Meeting

  • Sam
  • Charlie
  • Jamie
  • Nikki
  • Brad
  • James
  • Corey (stayed part of the time)