Laguna Cyclone Dust Collector

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Laguna Cyclone Dust Collector
Name Laguna Dust Collector
Zone Wood Shop

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model Laguna TFlux:10 Cyclone
Part Number Serial Number 20370022
Date Acquired 2020/09/29
Storage Location
Authorization Required No
Status Running
Value $5898

Power Requirements 240V 3-Phase 50Amp
Documentation * Owners Manual
Other References VFD project file


Laguna 10HP, 4030CFM, 1 micron filter, 2 54Gallon collection drums, auto-clean canister. Sound blocking panels and sound absorbing blankets have been installed. Documentation for remote OnOff buttons can be found here - Dust_Collector_Automation

A new AutomationDirect ACNND-2010 VFD is installed on the unit in place of Laguna's not-great wye-delta soft start system.



Sensors on front panel indicate if bins are full or if HEPA canister needs cleaning, however, physical inspection should also be done regularly.


  • If the alarm sounds, it means the bins are nearly full. A sensor detects when they are about 2/3rd's full.
  • If this happens when you are using the dust collector, lucky you! You get to empty the DC. Don't leave it for someone else to deal with.
  • Remove the lower right sound barrier panel by twisting the latches.
  • Unlatch the bins and pull out far enough to remove bags. The alarm should stop once the bins are removed. There is a hose attached to the back that limits how far they should be moved out.
  • Remove bags and put in dumpster.
  • A box of 65 gallon bags is under the DC. Use of bags is mandatory. The 55 gallon bags used around the space for trash cans are too small.
  • Expand the bags in the bins as much as possible and fold over the edges.
  • Push bins back in place. You will hear a short beep as the bin passes under the sensor. Push bin at the bottom to ensure the bin is properly in place.
  • Re-latch the bins and replace the sound barrier panel.
  • If the alarm goes off and you find the bins are not full or the bags have been sucked up into the plenum, contact zone coordinator.

Maintenance Info

HEPA filter should be cleaned every 6 months using compressed air to clear dust off filter. Bin at bottom of filter should be emptied after filter cleaning. Amperage readings were taken on 28Feb24. Supply line amperage readings were in range of 36 amps. After the Thermal Breaker, power goes to 2 relays. The left relay had amperage readings Red 21.3 amp (not able to get meter on the other two wires. The right relay had amperage readings of Red 21.5, Black 19.5, White 21.7.



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