Kiln Zone Materials

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This page is intended to list the key materials currently available in the Kiln Zone. If you're shopping for glaze or something, check here to see if we've already got what you need!



  • AMACO F-10 Transparent
  • AMACO LG-11 Opaque White
  • AMACO A-66 Burnt Orange
  • Teacher's Palette TP-51 Grape Gloss Glaze
  • Laguna EM-1260 Cats Cream
  • Laguna EM-1262 Peach Fizz
  • Laguna EM-1264 Old Mauve
  • Laguna EM-1267 Gray Yellow
  • Laguna EM-1269 Murky Lavender
  • Laguna EM-1272 Celedon Gray
  • Laguna EM-1273 Aztec Jade
  • Laguna EM-1274 Blueberry Satin
  • Laguna EM-1283 Peach Blossom


  • AMACO LG-23 Robin's Egg
  • AMACO Pompeian Ash PA-15 Buff
  • AMACO Pompeian Ash PA-60 Tan
  • AMACO Sahara HF-9 Zinc-Free Clear
  • AMACO Shino SH-41 Oolong Gloss
  • AMACO Celedon C-10 Snow
  • AMACO Potter's Choice PC-29 Deep Olive Speckle
  • AMACO Potter's Choice PC-1 Saturation Metallic


  • AMACO Moist Pottery Clay X-15

External references on laserable materials