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Author(s): Terry W Posted: 6/4/13 Description: Proposal to be added as Section 4.X of Standing Rules.

Intensive Care (or ICU) is a small table or shelving unit, with not less than 20 sq ft of surface area, which shall be placed at a convenient and high traffic area.

The ICU is meant to be a quick way to clear abandoned projects off work surfaces without placing them in the Graveyard, with the Graveyard's risk of immediate salvage/disposal.

When any member finds an abandoned project or project component on a Work table or a table in Commons Area, they may remove it to the ICU immediately. This is meant for small items, which can be lifted easily and are not on the floor. An item in ICU is to be buffered no less than 30 days, then taken to the Graveyard or Dumpster if not claimed.

The finder must:

  • Move the item in a careful manner to ICU.
  • Must label it with the date.
  • Must take a photo, if possible.
  • Must post to the MEMBER list (not ANNOUNCE) a post with ABANDONED ITEM TO ICU {Description} with picture.
  • No form needs to be filled out nor attached.

A Board Member must:

As needed a Board member will move those items unclaimed for 30 days or more from the ICU to the Graveyard or Dumpster, at their discretion, without post.

To reclaim, the Owner must:

  • Retrieve the item from ICU and store it correctly.
  • Answer the thread which the finder started, with a post claiming ownership.

posted for discussion 6/4/13