Informal Rules

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"A few strong instincts and a few plain rules suffice us" -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

These informal rules are not binding on members or guests. Nevertheless, they are a collection of best practices, good ideas and strong suggestions. Do not break these rules without a good reason.


Members and guests should do their best to keep ourselves and each other free from injury. In general, this means using the right tool for the job, wearing appropriate protective gear, and gently reminding each other when we fail to do one or both of those things.

"Appropriate protective gear" is intentionally vague. There's never a wrong time for safety glasses! Find a pair so comfortable and so clear that you don't mind wearing them a lot. Think critically about what you're doing (solder seems harmless, but it is molten metal, after all) and about how there's really no such thing as a trivial eye injury.

Conscientious use of the space contributes to safety. Clean up after yourself. If you notice a slippery spot on the floor, tackle it. If a tool behaves strangely, bring it to the attention of the tool's owner or maintainer. Don't hesitate to "tag out" (write and attach a note to) a tool you feel is unsafe.




Everyone is responsible for keeping the space clean and tidy. Not just the poor saps who have pulled janitor duty for the week.

Facilities and Improvements

When adding new built-in, permanent structures to the space, give 12 hours prior notice to the membership via the mailing list.



Treat tools as if they were your own, or somewhat better than that. If you break something, please don't hide it! Fessing up sucks, but discovering hidden damage later sucks more.

Put tools back where they belong. This may be indicated on the tool. When in doubt, ask. Don't put tools away dirty.


Parking in the driveway is allowed. Try not to monopolize it.


Breaking one of the informal rules may be punishable by wearing the "Shirt of Shame". If you are deemed worthy of wearing the "Shirt of Shame", accept your punishment with grace and good humor.

If you are sharing intellectual property that is patented or otherwise protected, please advise the people you are sharing it with.

must keep proper hygiene, (smell your pits and body before heading off to the space)

Be excellent to each other.