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Project lead: User:Agmlego

This project is dead since the hardware has moved to Windsor HackForge

This project purports to add controllers to the salvaged 6-axis Cartesian robot in the Electronics Room. The machine was, in a former life, some form of laboratory autosampler. In this reincarnation, there are no explicit purposes yet, but as the name suggests, the thought is maybe as a homebrew pick-and-place machine.

Code and design files live on the i3Detroit Github page. Some system information live at my project website for it. (Following a hardware failure, this data may not ever be recovered. Make backups and test them!)


  • Make a machine with no drivers useful once again.
  • Allow anyone capable of generating GCODE to make the machine work.


  • Reroute (maybe?) to switch from SPI interboard communication to I2C for better multimaster communications
  • Verify board layout
  • Write/adapt driver code for multiboard system


  • EAGLE part creation for optointerrupters, stepper pinouts, and encoder pinouts
  • Mechanical analysis for step-to-mm conversion estimate
  • Inital board routing for Y/Z boards and X board