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Project lead: User:Agmlego

This project is dead due to lack of interest.

This project aims to track the rate at which the roof over the office area of the space is falling, by watching the crack in the wall above same with a webcam. For blog cred, this project will likely be using a Raspberry Pi.

Code lives at the i3Detroit Github page.


  • Provide live (may be a frame per day) stream of crack with annotated image and machine-parsable output.
  • Log measurement(s) over time and display in something like RRDTool or periodically-generated matplotlib images.


  • OpenCV measurement
  • Website design
  • Logging/graphing
  • IO for lighting control
  • Mechanical design of bracketing and stands
  • Electrical design for power supply and lighting


  • OpenCV, webcam, and calibration target sucessfully working together.