HOWTO Be Vice-President of Member Retention

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When a Vice-President will miss a Board/Member meeting, best practice is to inform the Board email list. That way, the group knows to not delay the meeting waiting for everyone to arrive. It is not necessary to provide an excuse. It is also considerate, before taking a break from the work you are doing together with your colleagues, to briefly inform them, so they know to move forward without holding up deliberations.


e-mail (same as membership onboarding for now):

When Should You Contact This Officer

<needs filling in>

Duties breakdown between Treasurer, onboarding, and retention

  • Organize Friday Night Tours
  • In charge of the membership sign up process
  • Gets keys for new members
  • makes sure a CRM login is given to the new member
  • Gets member on e-mail lists
  • gives slack invite/tells them about slack
  • within 120 days contact them about helping out
  • refers change plan requests to Treasurer ->
  • report on new members numbers and analysis of onboarding conversion rate and turn. (onboarding -> membership, or stalled)
  • takes and accounts for dues
  • handles dunning (collections)
  • handles changing of membership plans in the CRM
  • gets re-joined members' key reactivated
  • generates list of people ending their membership to give to offboarding ->
  • collects any information from people leaving and passes them to offboarding ->
  • handles the dead key list, getting keys out of the keypad
  • follows up with people from the treasurer's list of poeple ending membership, either by ceasing payment or request
  • notifies exiting members about:
    • potential left storage or loaned tools and when it becomes i3 property (as of July 2022, the Standing Rules stipulate thirty days from end of membership)
    • ask for the key back
    • ask why they are leaving
  • follow up about:
    • storage (empty it, or tell storage@)
    • re-label tools as i3 property (wiki too)
  • refers change plan requests to Treasurer ->
  • collects and analyses information about why members are departing
  • handles flushing of passwords from departing members
  • member flow analysis
    • in vs. out
    • seasonal trends
    • event based trends(any single event that causes an up or down in membership)