Graphtec SignJet 1130

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Home of the Vinyl_Cutter-US_Cutter_Refine_MH-720

New project! Rehab the Graphtec SignJet 1130 since it can print and cut

  • Things to do:
    • Find it a proper home
    • Clean it up
    • Power it on
    • Replace sheet latches (find 3D models, which may be on the desktop machine in the Fab Lab)
    • No cutter! Terry has ordered one
    • Need an HP parallel to ethernet interface box
    • Get Signcut Pro software - or whatever works
  • To make it work as a printer too more things will need to happen (not sure we want or need to go down this road)
    • Determine how to affix ink bottles
    • Clean tubing (don't use acetone)
    • Check print heads and replace if necessary