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From the Expansion Cabal (aka Mike and user:abzman), a rough roadmap/task list for the expansion. No dates now, but eventually. Phases 1 & 2 are the suggested order to move and add zones, based on which zones need to move out of the way of other zones. Near-term items are more fleshed out, and as time progresses later-term items should become more detailed.

High Level Plan


CoO Quest

The Story So Far

  • We got B side.
  • B side *maybe* has/had the B Nektar CoO, which doesn't let us do much.
  • We make a plan, talk to the fire marshal, and come out of it thinking that putting up a 4 hour firewall solves our problems (as suggested by a previous fire marshal)
  • We get inspected, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing sign off, fire marshal sends us a formal request for some kind of plan from an architect.
  • We agree to Stucky Vitale Architects phase 1 code study for 17.5kUSD.
  • They know we have 100kUSD absolute max, that is all the money we have.
  • This should get the city the plan the fire marshal wants, and give us a list of code we need to meet.
  • SVA makes a proposed scope of work that says "this plan should put this building up to code"
  • Scott at the city collects responses from inspectors in response to proposed scope of work, they all want
    • ventilation and plumbing plans
    • a water fountain
    • some probably small stuff

  • We talk with SVA 2020-08-24 about what is currently happening, they suggest
    • Get basic CoO from the city to do nothing in the space, should be easy
      • It's not easy but it should happen after another fire marshal inspection as of 2020-09-03
      • Apparently CoOs normally expire with tenants, so B Nektar's doesn't count for us.
    • SVA will talk to the city about staging the requirements into short term and long term plans so we can actually afford to do this by spreading it out over several years.
  • 2020-10-27: The city suggested we will get the first pass CoO "soon".
  • 2020-12-08: We get a C of O from the city! It only took a month of repeatedly poking them after they said everything was good and we would get it!
    • Actual language: "Limited to the following use and storage: classroom setup, computer station, storage of member project and supplies, art studio, sewing and crafts, vinyl cutting, electronic assembly, and leather working."
    • Occupancy: 35 (actually a little higher than expected).
    • See CoO for actual Certificate
  • 2020-12-18: Meet with SVA about interpreting CoO and next steps
    • "Art studio" can encompass a lot of different activities/equipment including wood and metal working at low volume. In SVA's experience, similar spaces to ours in other cities have CoOs for art studio use.
    • Based on low volume usage, direct manual ventilation of equipment is probably sufficient in lieu of code specs that assume certain rates of air exchange via central HVAC.
    • SVA will talk to city and make sure they're fine with super low volume stuff in art studios such as a tablesaw or welder.
    • City would likely give us some time (30 days?) to correct any miscues on what is/is not allowed.
      • Worst case scenario here would be to find out that we either need to do some upgrades to the building, or if those upgrades aren't feasible for us, we have to move equipment back to A-side, where it's grandfathered in.
    • We currently have no plans to pursue another CoO, because under this interpretation, the one we have will do everything we want. But just to be safe, SVA is going to contact the city on our behalf and make sure we're all on the same page.
  • 2021-01-05: Andy from SVA talks with the city and confirms we're good to do what we wanted all along, because we don't do mass production.

[Andy of SVA] spoke to Scott Worthington with the City of Ferndale Building department today and he verified that you are good to use the Suite B side as an "ART STUDIO", as permitted per CO and as you planned.
The "art studio" needs to be limited production of any type of type of art (wood, metal, etc.). They just don’t want to see a full production industrial operation which would be mass producing any items; wood, metal, welding, etc. This would require a different designation to the building (industrial use).
He also had no issues with you adding ventilation/fans and/or localized dust collection to suite B side to improve the "art studio" building operations. Again, they just don’t want to see a full production industrial operation going on in the building (which you don’t do), and they are good with the use an art studio producing items on a small-scale limited basis as required.

Current active tasks

  • install in deep sink under treehouse on b-side
    • level it, and cut the legs so the sink's lip is 36" off the ground
    • plumb it in
    • once we have it in place, procure needed pvc/drain parts from ACE
  • paint keepouts around every electrical panel
    • the width of the electrical panel (plus a bit if possible) and 36" out from the wall (done?)
  • install air regulator in the ceiling over the wood shop set to 90psi, for their hose reel (done?)
    • we have the needed regulator and probably have all the needed adapters and teflon tape to hook it up
  • begin converting furnaces to run off of 24v
    • relays are in to close the 120v circuits for the fan and heater valve control
    • we have one 24v transformer to start this process, we will get more as we work
    • plan 2 relays per furnace, one for fan and one for heat (whose second output contacts also directly control the fan circuit in parallel with the other relay)
  • move air compressor around the wall to where the old wood shop was
    • install/build new IoT controller
  • install wiring for front of building car charger
    • this wiring is present up to a box on the wall above the b-side bathroom
    • we need to pull additional conduit down through the bathroom ceiling (around the window) and terminate through the wall and into a new 40A openevse
    • we still need to pass the hat for the openevse
    • there are no fuses in the busbar for this yet, they will get populated when the car charger gets an openevse inside it
  • install front of building water spigot
    • we have the frost proof silcock for this
    • this will get installed through the purple bathroom wall, tapping off the cold water pipe that is to the right of the toilet
    • this may require the purchase of some new copper and/or fittings
  • Build out lobby on b-side
    • Sign in desks/stations
    • seating?
  • entirety of tool crib
    • to be elaborated later
  • rest of machine shop
    • sort, organize items
    • install VFD on blue drill press
  • welding
    • weld die holders for new bender
    • Make more weld curtain frames
    • install last large welder
      • swap busbar disconnect from wood shop dust collector with smaller, 60-100A one
      • wire large busbar disconnect over welding and patch in thick conductors up to it
  • Build lobby on a-side
    • new walls
    • Sign in desks/stations

Phase 0


All infrastructure tasks have been moved to the Infrastructure_TODO page.


  • Move and install in deep sink
  • Procure and install normal deep sink on A side
  • peel masking tape off everything
  • clean windows
  • Scrub floors
  • Paint walkways and keepouts
  • scrub overspray off genie
  • scrub overspray off door handles
  • convert new vending machines from tube to LED lighting

Phase 1

Existing zones that move to B-Side

Stage 1.1

These do not depend on anything, but a lot depends on them.

Wood Shop

  • Hang sound control curtains - done
  • Compressed air plumbing/hose reel - done
  • Move machines - done
    • Move storage cabinets,etc. Done
    • Move Measuring tool wall (squares, levels, etc.) - Done
  • Disassemble and get rid of old dust collector - done
  • Move/rebuild sheet goods/long board storage - done
  • Build new workbenches per plan 2 or 3 different heights - done
  • Add more 120v ceiling outlets for cord reels - done
  • Move old wood shop cameras to new wood shop - done
  • Update and balance lighting and create separate zone for Woodshop - done


  • Electrical wiring for new tool placements
    • Busbar
    • Task lights
      • welding table
      • Welding booth
      • Pipe Bender
  • Floor anchors in pallet rack
  • Floor anchor pipe bender
  • Make more weld curtain frames
  • Lighting
  • Compressed air plumbing

Stage 1.2

Air Compressor

depends on Wood Shop

  • Move air compressor to location on plan
  • Plumb big air line over where the CNC zone will go
  • Tee off that with smaller air lines running west and south
  • Tee off that south-going leg to go toward the auto zone
  • Connect air up in welding and wood shop
  • Install regulator over wood shop

Injection Molding

depends on Wood Shop

  • Electrical wiring for new tool placements
  • Move pallet rack
  • Compressed air plumbing/hose reel

Large Project Storage

depends on Wood Shop

  • Move pallet racks against back wall over windows


depends on Wood Shop

  • Move vending machines out of the way until Media moves
  • Close up door to office area
  • Install cabinets, couters, sink
  • Install electrical outlets and wiring for appliances
  • Install plumbing for sink/dishwasher
  • Install appliances
  • Dishwasher
  • Range/oven/cooktop
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave


depends on Wood Shop

  • Build new sheet goods storage
  • Move in smaller laser cutters from Fab Lab
  • set up smaller laser cutters for use

Stage 1.3


  • Electrical wiring for new tool placements
  • Lighting
  • Install sink
  • Install sink sump/drain


  • Electrical wiring for new tool placements
  • Lighting
  • Add work table

Tool Crib

  • New plywood tool wall
    • Install plywood wall
    • Paint plywood
    • Install tool holders/hangers
    • Labeling/signage/silhouettes for all tools
    • Transition things that are still on shelves to wall
  • New/consistent sets of some tools
  • Move H-structure down into commons for now
  • Refactor parts storage

Machine Shop

depends on Air line run

  • Electrical wiring for new tool placements
    • bandsaw 10ga
    • cord reel over work tables
    • 240 for surface grinder
    • 240 for belt disc sander
    • 240 for drill press
    • 240 for old lathe
    • 240 for new bridgeport
    • 120 for grinders
  • Compressed air plumbing/hose reel
  • Lighting
  • Wall/divider with CNC zone
  • Move all the big tools

B-side Misc.

  • install wiring for front of building car charger
  • install front of building water spigot
  • install deep sink under treehouse
  • label garage door opener buttons so people know how to use them

Stage 1.4

CNC Zone

depends on Welding, Kiln, Injection molding, Air line

  • Get firm quote on moving Haas--current verbal quote is 3-4 hours @ $300/hour
  • Get Haas moved
  • New electrical for Haas
  • Compressed air plumbing
  • finish recommissioning haas
  • Orange CNC to Wood Shop
  • Electrical and network for computer desk
  • Lighting

Phase 2

Rearranging zones on A-Side

Stage 2.1


depends on CNC

  • Design room
  • Wall construction
  • Install ceiling/lighting
  • Install HVAC
  • Install doors
  • Install windows
  • Electrical and network wiring
  • Flooring


This is the task list from https://groups.google.com/g/i3detroit/c/jnwk4Sjv1D4/m/rewW6XYbAwAJ with some edits:


  • Stricken-through: Done.
  • Bold: Available to do right now. Not blocked.
  • Normal text: Not available to do yet, blocked by something else.

depends on Tool Crib

  • Clear floor area so genie can be driven throughout (depends on sewing)
  • Relocate two furnaces from ceiling over new lab area
    • Measure the gas pipe at the branch-off points from the main trunk over commons
    • Obtain two gas-capable ball valves in that size (optional)
    • Turn off A-side gas
    • Dismantle branches that feed gas to those furnaces
    • Install ball-valves on the trunk where those branches came off
    • Turn the gas back on and relight front furnace over lounge (if not adding branch valves, this must wait until next step)
    • Proceed with unducting, unwiring, and removing the furnaces
  • Reinstall them in their new locations
    • One over the main aisle just past the SW corner of sewing room
    • One just north of the treehouse aimed at the lasers? or aimed north-er?
    • Relocate the thermostats somewhere sensible
    • Turn each branch back on and activate the relocated furnaces
  • Get all wiring and other crap off the wall shared with paintshop
    • Thermostats if not already removed by the furnace work
    • Big roof vent switch and stuff
    • Injection molding roof vent switch and stuff
  • Empty the rest of everything out of the ceiling over that area
    • Projection screen
    • Chandelier (technically outside, but we'll need the working room)
    • Any remaining AP, camera, or other wiring
  • Get all the extraneous wiring off the columns too
    • The box that's fed from the floor is staying
    • Everything else is going
  • Move all the material that's against the wall shared with paintshop
    • Conduit to infrastructure
    • Lumber to ???
  • Clean and treat the floor
    • Tile won't stick to oily areas, so we may have to wash, etch, seal, etc
    • May need to patch/level some uneven areas on the border with injection molding
    • Grind off the epoxy blobs and other stuff that sticks up
    • Probably patch/level the area by the treehouse stairs at the same time
    • It doesn't make sense to actually tile yet, does it?
  • Lay out the floor / finalize the floor plan
    • Chalk/crayon/tape the boundaries?
    • Figure out exactly where the hump compensation starts/stops, size the shielded room (a nearly-exact clone of the "changing booth" in sewing)
    • Figure out exactly where the doors and window are doing
    • Select and purchase doors to get their exact frame dimensions
  • Frame walls and "ceiling"
    • Sill plate, studs, headers, door frames
    • Hang the doors now or later?
    • Box over the hump - we decided to make a shielded room there
      • Do Ecofoil before the interior drywall goes up
      • Cover the door in whiteboard? or ppe pockets?
    • Enough "joists" and diagonal braces to make the walls sturdy
  • Electrical boxes:
    • 12AWG NM to 20A boxes
    • If we have any scrap 14AWG NM, use that for the lighting circuit? Fine if it's 12 too.
    • Smurftube or conduit to 3ø boxes
    • Smurftube or conduit to network boxes
    • Smurftube or conduit to future-options boxes
  • Do compressed air plumbing and fume exhaust ducting while the walls are open
    • At some point we gotta tap the PEX air line above injection molding, add a tee and a valve
    • Downstream of that valve, add branches to the bench drops
  • Drywall and finish
    • Insulate?
    • I really want this to look good, how do we make sure we don't screw that up
    • Tape, mud, paint
    • And trim and stuff
  • Does the mini-split HVAC go here in the timeline?
    • The drain can gravity-feed if it runs north and exits by the air compressor, no condensate pump required
  • Drop ceiling and lights
    • Remove existing lights above new ceiling, or abandon in place?
    • Install ceiling grid
    • Mount light troffers or cans, wire and test
    • Install rest of tiles, possibly with Ecofoil or Reflectix top skins?
      • Later, design a filter-fan that drops into a tile spot?
  • Actually tile the floor
    • Then cove base trim molding thing, whatever it's called
    • Also some sort of door threshold/sill that the Genie won't crush...
  • Benches
    • Unistrut, bench brackets, benches
    • Shelf brackets, shelves
  • Migrate contents from old e-lab
    • Wash and relabel bins as we go
    • Cull some stuff to graveyard or overflow
    • Clean out the old lab and make ready for media-lab move-in

Stage 2.2


depends on Sewing

  • Build half-walls
  • Install lighting
  • Compressed air?
  • Flooring?
  • Electrical & network wiring


  • Merge into craft

Stage 2.3

Media Lab

Depends on E-Lab

  • New desks/computer benches
  • New floor?
  • Build paper storage for printers


depends on Vinyl/Craft

  • Move all the stuff

Stage 2.X

These are mainly new zones that depend on other zones to be moved first (but no other zones depend on), and can thus be inserted ito the plan any time after their dependencies.


depends on CNC

  • Install lift
  • 120V outlets in loading bay
  • TBA

Paint and Finishing, Chemistry

depends on Machine Shop

  • Move air compressor to other side of wall
  • Move existing paint booth, refit to vent hole in wall
  • Move in flammables/solvents cabinets
  • Larger paint/powder coating booths
  • Powder coating oven
  • Second, larger Powder coating oven
  • Fume hood


  • Move to other side of garage bay


  • Sign in desks/stations


depend on leather, CNC

  • More couches