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I'm building a Cigar Box Guitar, a Wine Crate Bass, and a Beer Growler Organ.

Here is video of Eric Richardville rocking out on my first Cigar Box Guitar (images). This instrument is complete and will need a microphone to play over louder background noise.

The wine crate bass will be a larger version of a cigar box guitar. I've got the box. I'll need a few tuning pegs then I'll start building it.

The Beer Growler Organ (images) has thirteen 64 ounce beer growlers and will be powered by home made bellows. The sound is produced by the air blowing out of tubing over the mouths of the growlers. The jugs have been tuned and I am currently assembling the final bellow prototype.

Here is a video showing how to fold one of the bellows

-SWiT (Matt Switlik)