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There's an ongoing question about whether and how and if and why and why not etc. regarding the recording of the money that goes into and out of the Snack Zone. I would really like to try and consolidate that conversation, either here or somewhere I can link to from here.

Current arguments:

  • Is the Snack Zone money actually part of i3?
    • if it is, who should be tracking it and how?
    • if it isn't, should it be tracked at all? (discussion of honor system vs theft risk)
  • Does the Snack Zone belong to any other zone, or is it its own thing?
    • if it's separate, who's the ZC?
  • Should there be actually policy around this in our rules, or should it be entirely doacracy, with only the floorspace allotment coming from the board?

If there's already discussion about this somewhere, please link!